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nascar coverage


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I cringe at mid season every year. I love it when all 3 guys are talking to hear themselves talk, the camera is on some car running 35th and someone makes a spectacular pass for the lead-----and then they don't even have a replay!!! I say good to see them go!

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I'd like to see them use the "side-by-side" feature more often where they show commercials on one side and the race on the other. I've seen Indy do this, and I've seen NASCAR do this (once). I actually pay more attention to the commercials when this is happening. Of course, I would never actually have a chance to hit the bathroom then, but who needs to do that anyway :D


I also agree about not missing NBC at all.

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Simple request.. keep it on the basic (non cable) channels... no more of this TNT/FX crap!@

They offer a very basic cable package (2-20 - or so) for $12/mo. The ONLY reason I had to upgrade to full cable is for this reason :angry:


My Wife and I were just fine with 20 (clear) channels... until I got into racing :D

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I dont even remeber the ABC/ESPN crews when they had the Cup Races...


Seems like in the Booth it was Punch, Benny Parsons, and .....


I always enjoyed the old TNN broadcast team:

Ned Jarrett, Eli Gold, and Buddy Baker wasnt it?



Mike Joy, Ned Jarrett, and Benny Parsons?



Dr. Jerry Bunch, Buddy Baker, ?


Seems like CBS and ESPN always "cross-mixed" there broadcast teams too. Sometimes using the same people as the other networks. I do always remeber it being good though!

DW hasnt been retired long enough to make a true retired analyst.

Larry Mac is doing a great job.

BP is alot better when Wally Dallenbach isnt around.

Mike Joy is ok, Bestwick is better.

Kenny Schrader will make an EXCELLENT analyst when he retires.

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