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Something for your kids


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This link goes to a graphics planner from 5 Star bodies.

You can print out layouts of race cars and trucks that kids like to color.

My grandson goes through a bunch of them, keeps him quiet for awhile.


5 Star


Might be a cheap handout for kids at the track.


I know that a couple of them and a box of crayons keeps Tams Boy and Randy S. busy for hours.................

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You're not fooling us. We know who's REALLY doing the coloring.

I gotta get off now and go buy some crayolas.


Sorry Bud, I prefer watercolors!


The things we do to play grandpa. I spent an hour at tractor supply in Seguin today while he shopped for those little John Deere toys.

He only has about 50 pieces of that stuff.........

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