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ARCA Daytona


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It’s done. We raced Daytona, not many folks cans say that. Thanks to my wife for helping me through a stressful few days and being my rock. Thanks to E. T. for believing in me. My confidence is through the roof and one of our dreams fulfilled. I messed up in qualifying and started 32nd finished 26th. I raced up to 19th and pit cycles put me 9th. Then the unbelievable happened.  My shifter bolts vibrated loose and I only had 4th gear which is devastating on restarts. Then again lighting strikes.  Pitted for fuel my battery quick disconnect, disconnected, no power. Pit crew got it fixed and we finished race.  What a life experience and so glad y’all could ride it with me.  Thanks to my great advertisement friends Panagenics, Showgirls, The Center For Factual Innocence, Heart of Texas Kart Club, Meals on Wheels North Central Texas, Tradinghouse Bar & Grill, The Bill & Phil Show.  The Deck Lid Posse helped us out tremendously. Thanks again my friends and the family that sacrifice to make the trip.  Also the family and friends rooting from home. We love you all!  Thanks HMP, CTS and Old SA for teaching me a little asphalt racing along with a lot of dirt tracks   .

On to Phoenix in March and Talladega in April.





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