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Truck Confiscated


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That truck was a “new generation” truck for GMS. That is why no $ or suspension penalties. They probably should’ve just brought that one as the backup or dropped a new gen truck off at the R&D center before bringing it to the track. Nothing deemed illegal yet but as a precaution, it wasn’t allowed on the track until looked at thoroughly.

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Yes sir, the Truck arm tunnel was built extremely tall and up into the floor pan area.  It looked funny in the pic but lets see what happens if anything.  Maybe that is so they get have more angle on the right truck arm?    I think Nascar may thing that there is some aero advantage there directing air.  I am not sure the truck arm is ever that high.  But, there may not be a rule against it. "YET".    It is good to see there are still guys willing to be innovative.   Those guys did one heck of a job getting that backup ready and running as good as they did.  He said it still had rubber on the chassis from the last race when they unloaded it. 

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18 hours ago, MUmscheid 51 said:

That is great, I am glad they were thinking outside the box a little bit.  I wish more would do that.  Cheat em up a little boys, just think, if that truck arm tunnel kept their attention away from something else.   WINK WINK

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