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TSTRS - First race in the books!


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Good Monday morning everyone!


    What a race day!  I must say that as my first race promoting, it was exhausting, but in a good way.  I am very humbled to be able to promote a sport I have been around my entire life.  I still have a lot to learn, but I look forward to the next race - which is Saturday, August 31st.  I will get the schedule updated on tstrseries.com, and a link to results as well.  They are posted on here by Mr. Nick Holt!  Thank you Nick.

The race day photographer, Carey Akin was out there to get you guys some shots.  Here is the link to practice day AND race day as well.


Friday Practice:   https://manvelmotorsports.smugmug.com/More-Auto-Racng/Houston-Motorsports-Park-05-July-2019/

Saturday Practice:  https://manvelmotorsports.smugmug.com/More-Auto-Racng/Houston-Motorsports-Park-06-July-2019/


I want to thank everyone for coming out, car count was up and we had a great crowd, but most importantly Advance Auto Parts had a great time.  I loved the positive comments from everyone, even when it was H O T outside.  


I know the Pit bathrooms were not good, but I had ordered a trailer and it was by the media room.  My plan was to put it by the other bathrooms but the connections there would not hold it there.  I will be doing this until we can get the bathrooms in the pits right for you guys.  We did fix up the concession bathrooms, and I know it was hot but the more you can walk to the fan concessions & bathrooms in your driver's suit, the more it helps the fans engage with racing too!

If I did not get to see you, I apologize. I chased my tail some of the day but, this great TSTRS team did a great job!  Brad Bush & Tiffany Vogel & Rodney Rodriguez are the bomb and helped me keep things flowing with the crowd and in the pits.  We had racing done by 9:40pm and the big fireworks show by 10pm.  That was a big goal for us, and very much needed to keep this a family experience!! 

  In addition to showing the track photographer some love by ordering some shots from him, show some love to all of our sponsors by liking their Facebook pages, commenting on their social media posts, shopping with them or just sharing their names when needed!



inkDOTS Professional Printing
Alamo Speed Shop
Smiley’s Racing products
Hoosier Tires
KBR Towing Service
David Starr Racing
DIY Rentals
BWFS Industries LLC
Redco Tools
In Wheel Time, ESPN 97.5
P3 Precision Piping Products

Advance Auto Parts 

TechNet Professional Shops


Thank you for coming out to race, we could not do it without you guys.


All comments, advice for improvement is welcome!


(713) 907-0906




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Mark this is in the HMP record books....I believe this might be the first time ever that HMP was done with racing by 10pm. The night felt so early getting home at midnight.

Overall, outstanding job from Gina, Brad, Rodney, Tiffany and the rest of the TSTRS crew. From the time I got there Saturday at noon and they were pumping cars through with 5-6 lanes open to the time we left, the energy was high, everyone was on point, great communication (about this race and future races), Rodney kept the crowd pumped, all the sponsors really came through with all the giveaways for the fans and dam were those stands filled up. 

I may not have won my race but I left more confident about investing more into my car for the next one. This big event has also made all the sponsors have something new to crave, they want a part of whats going on at HMP! What was once on life support is now on the road to be something great again.

So High Fives, Hell yeas and Hats off to the TSTRS crew!! I'll see you at the next race.  

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I've been going to the races as a spectator for basically my entire life. Stock cars, sports cars, Indy cars, sprint cars, I've seen them all.  For the last 10 or so years, I've been doing endurance road racing with a team of friends. But I always wanted to try the circle track. 

This year, with HMP opening back up, I built an Eco Stock and joined the fun. And I'm having a blast. It was really fun to see the crowd the other night and all the cars in the pits. I hope we can all keep the momentum up and finish the year strong.

And it was nice to get home at a decent hour. :)

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