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Inaugural TALMS Mudslinger Classic


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Expected Entrants to the first ever TALMS race on dirt! April 16th at Gator Motorplex.


7 Stephen Robison

9L David Lege, Jr.

14T Talon Minten

41 Chad Hughes

41 Darrin Blake

58¢ Hunter Flanagan

66 Johnny Torres

-79 Cody Beddoe

88 Jeremy Fiscus

98 Lance Schaffer

115 Jack Barfield Jr.

711 James Blaylock














$100 on down.


Everyone will be on the Towel City Retread.


It's still early lets get this list built up!

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To the Houston area Limited Modified drivers I will be hauling a trailer load of the tires you will need to run in the TALMS Mudslinger Classic at Gator Motorplex On April 16th up there tomorrow after I get off of work.


You can contact James Blaylock if you want some tires.


They are $82 a tire.

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