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CTS Super Stock race 3

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Got a chance to talk to Allen Alexander yesterday. As y'all know, he has asked for his winnings to go to the Corpus Christi drivers who competed at the last race. He said you gotta come back to get it! If the 5 cars that were here last Saturday are at the next race the track will divide it amongst those 5. If only 4 of those drivers show up it will be divided amongst those 4. Cool gesture.
That being said, THANKS to First Choice House Leveling (Allen) there has been a thousand dollars added to super stock winnings for race number three!

When we have 15 cars our more, as we did Saturday night, it's 700 to win. With this 1000 dollars, here is a breakdown

100 dollars to the fast qualifier

1st 1000
2nd 700
3rd 500
4th 300
5th 200
6th 150
7th 100
8th 100
9th 100
10th 100
11th 100
12th 100
13th 100
14th 100
15th 100
16th 75 on down from there

Six weeks boys and girls! How many new super stocks will we see?!!!

Edit per Allen, his winnings will be divided to those 5 drivers. Y'all don't have to be at the next one, but we hope you will!

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Brad Bush
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