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TALMS Contingencies for April 26th


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Here are the contingency awards we have so far for Race #2 at CC Speedway.


Mark Herring Race Engines Long Haul Award $100

Rhino Racing Rear Ends Hard Charger Award $100

Browning Auto Parts Hard Luck Award $100

Continental Batteries Rookie of the Race Award $100

Arredondo Racing puts up $100 to the race winner if 14 or more show.

Mr. No-Wrench puts up $100 to the 20th TALMS car to pull in the pit gate.

Spillman Excavating puts up $100 to be split $40, $40, $20 for a random drawing between the last 5 finishers. (If 16 or more show up)

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Glad to see people contributing for TALMS too. April 26th is looking to be a very big night at CC Speedway. Think it's realistic to expect 15-20 TALMS, about the same for Bombers, TPS and Dwarfs will probably bring about a dozen, will be nice to see 60-75 cars in CC pits again.

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