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THR Girls have some NasKart FUN!


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Some of us THR gals had lots of fun today racing NasKarts! I thought I'd share these pictures with y'all. Go out and try it - such a blast!!!


Mary Ann Naumann, Momma Dean Sandefur, Debbie Williams, Mia Hendricks and Cheryl Bailey get ready to take the challenge



Chris Baker tried really hard to keep us in line during the classroom instruction



Classroom training - Kim McKim, Momma Dean, Mary Ann (front row), Mia, Debbie and Cheryl



Chris tells us that the crossed black/red flags means "banned from the track forever!"



Kim asking for information on the black flag



Momma Dean getting suited up for her first run



All suited up and ready to go: Cheryl, Debbie, Mia, Mary Ann, Kim and Momma Dean



Unofficial results: 1. Mary Ann, 2. Debbie, 3. Kim, 4.5.6. Mia, Cheryl and Momma Dean, in no particular order


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It wasn't a planned event. I could easily get addicted to racing those karts. It's probably a good thing I'm not 20 years younger. Mary Ann says she want to join the league racing.

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