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  1. David Mackey

    I just wanted to take a minute and Thank You for the wonderful, heartfelt rendition of TAPS that you played at Thunderhill Raceway yesterday. It moved me to tears. From a Veteran......Thank you.
  2. Thunderhill Raceway Best Appearing Car Contest

    CONGRATULATIONS to TBS Racing drivers Tracy Tschoerner (#11 NASCAR Super Stock) and Teresa Gural (#25 Sport Modified) on their Best Appearing Car wins!!
  3. what is it

    I have a 2004.5 Dodge Dually 4x4 5.9 Cummins with a 120 HP Quadzilla programmer. I get 25+ on the open road and 21+ in the city. And for the record.....I am NOT gentle with the throttle!! I have found however, that I get better mileage using Texaco diesel purchased in Blanco than I do using diesel purchased at other local stations.
  4. what is it

    I noticed that too when we were making the trip Gunnar.....3/4+ tank down and 1/2 tank back
  5. Nick's Racing Suspension Seminars at THR, HMP this January

    Excellent course and well worth the money. When we applied these principles our season turned COMPLETELY around!!
  6. PERSONAL Air Bags

    These air bags are designed for motorcycles, but could have Stock Car Racing applications too I would think!! Personal Air Bags
  7. Happy Birthday Truck Champ!

  8. Happy B-Day!

    Happy Birthday Mike!!
  9. At THR registration and rules meeting...

    Email was sent out stating it was a registration only meeting......could be reason for the low turnout
  10. Christmas is coming - Nick

    I'm betting they are wanting a PRETTY penny for it!!
  11. 2012 THR Thunderstock rules

  12. Michelle Obama & Jill Biden "Grand Marshalls" for Homest

    Surprised they can stand to be around 100,000 bitter bible clinging, gun loving Patriots!
  13. It's Suspension Seminar time! Let me know who's coming..

    Definately worth the money!!
  14. 2012 NASCAR Truck Rules

    Except for the number of hood pins, your Truck is 100% legal!
  15. Should Drug testing be part of local racing?

    Absoulutly. But with a caveat.........I think driver's should be randomly tested before they can take to the track, (they make inexpensive test kits for law enforcemnt and home testing), but a driver should only be banned IF HE IS IMPAIRED AT THE TIME!! Someone who smoked a joint or did a line on Monday is no more dangerous than somebody that drank a 12 pack of beer on Monday. Within 24 hours of raceday is a WHOLE other matter be it drugs OR drinking. You test impaired....see ya.