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Thunder Stock Car Count


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OK... cleaning this up.. 5/21/12


Actives for this year:

1. #01 Wes Walker

2. #50 Aaron Brungot

3. #5 Nick Cole

4. #12 Adam Haugh

5. #11 Richard Clickner

6. #66 Mitchell Morrison

7. #99 Bobby Hansen

8. #54 Thomas Floyd

9. #44 Alvin Summers

10. #00 Mikey Faulkner

11. #?? NCR Racing? (old #14 TBS Car)

12. #15 Hunter Montgomery


Believe SO:

13. #68 Kenny Wright

14. #24 Brent Karulak

15. #05 Steve Osborne Car

16. #73 Richard Fitch

17. #49 Wayne Walton

18 #10 TBS Racing (Cars being rebuilt)


Hope SO:

19. #31 Geoff Rabb

20. #56 Matt (was being built)

21. #38 Craig S. Car (was being built)

22. #13 Mark Chrudimsky

23. #73 Bryon Reed


Cars For sale:






1. 14 Joey Tschoerner ** For Sale $5500

2. 50 Aaron Brungot ACTIVE

3. 5r Nick Cole ??

4. 99 Bobby Hansen ** For Sale

5. 11 Richard Clickner ACTIVE (used to be Chancellor's)

6. 73 Richard Fitch ACTIVE

7. 66 Mitchell Morrison ACTIVE (used to be #2 TBS car)

8. 15 Hunter Montgomery ** For Sale (used to be #92 Stanley car)

9. 24 Brett Karulak Active

10. 56 Matt Rebody & Build for 2012 Season..

11. 49 Wayne Walton Budget was Part time 2011

12. 68 Kenny Wright Attempted last race at THR ??

13. 05 Jim Teague (Used to be Steve Osborne's 04)

14. 12 Adam Haugh Active (used to be #16 Mason Teague)




Car and Lask know Driver/Owner

15. 22 Anthony Gordon I37 Dirt car, still legal Thunder Stock

16. 1 Del Harris Houston ProStock

17. 40r Robert Robbins Understand went to Dirt

18. 17r Jason Campbell Unsure Think Gaither purchased parked for Budget

19. 15 Hunter Montgomery Damanged in End of Season Wreck (2010) ** Sold believe going Dirt I37

20. 93r Aaron Leddy Went Dirt I37

21. 58 Patrick Burow Sold Gone Dirt I37

22. 13r Bryon Reed Unsure of status, last heard motor out of car under repair

23. 31 Rabb Unsure

24. 24. 38 Sellman Car is still not finished

25. #66 Leonard Flores Last i knew was up for sale

26. #73 Bryon Reed Sitting in the yard i believe..

27. 04 Nathan Robbins Understand went to Dirt

28. 10 Terry Tschoerner TBD

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There is some movement on the 56. Not sure when it will be out, but it will be eventually. NEW BLOOD will be driving it.


Is Joey getting a transfusion? LOL!


is that how you get that "racing Blood" so you can go fast? thats been my problem the whole time!!!! :angry::blink: Chris Fox and/or Matt Martin will be driving the 56.

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WE WANT YOU if you own a Thunder stock or know some one who does and dont or wont race it please tell us why we as in 99,66,14,50,24,11,5,15 We want you I may be prejudice but we have the best class there at THR we all do what we can to help each other and get along even after the race we would love to have more cars so if there is some thing we could do to get you there let us know or at least tell us the reason you dont come out Please

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#1 is testing @ hmp, raced on 7-9-2011, i drove the car to the trailer after the race and don't have to rebuild the car, good clean race. total of 11 cars, started at the rear and finished 9th, the car ran on thr legal rules and did better than i expected. there was 3 cautions, nothing major, one of the cars tapped the front wall, but no heavy damage, the other two cautions were for spinning, good clean race.


the difference between thr cars and hmp cars is only as follows;

thr cars, cam rule, no weight jacks, no locked rearend, no tubular a arms, no headers, and no crete motor. i went to hmp to see how bad they were going to lap me in a 35 lap race, i ran the same gear as i run at thr changed the tires around on the car, got my crossweight set and still finished on the same lap and 2 cars ahead of last. with this in mind, i still had to weigh 3400lb's as to their 3200lb's.


my opinion is that between 2 tracks the cars are not so far off that the track owners could make some adjustments in the rules for next season for these cars to run both tracks and maybe even cc, bottom line, the tracks in Texas has always had trouble making rules for multiple tracks, they seem to just have rule for them alone, i think with car count like it is with the economy in mind, that they could make a little to no cost changes to the rules to run both classes.


everyone talk's about how they cannot compete with the crete engine, by experience, it is the most cost affective engine you can buy and best bang for the buck, a lot of you prefer a shop built engine, there is no way unless someone is giving you parts, to build a motor less than the cost of a crete, i promise you that a crete will out last a shop built several times. but even at that, everyone at thr running a shop built motor is as strong as what the crete's are running at hmp. the difference i have found is the headers, locked rearend, and weight, things that were not a bid deal was the tubular upper a arms and jack bolts.


options to get both classes together: home track rules for either class, but headers and locked rearends for both, if i stayed with the pack of the racers at hmp with only 1 wheel pulling and cast iron exaust manifolds, weighing 3400lb's, then i know with those minor changes, i could be up front with the rest of the cars.


sorry for the book report, but ya'll have all been saying that you don't think you could run with the hmp cars is the reason you don't make the trip to houston, thats not true, the reason the houston cars don't come to thr is the crete motor, upper a arms, locked rearends, weight jacks, they can add weight to the car.


let's get together and help to bring the car counts up, this is a crowd pleaser class and does run one of the best show's, remember that resect in your class help's car count, you don't win on the first lap, only on the last one, 30/40 lap features would be great !!!

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