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NA$CAR driver busted for DWI


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I’m going to strive to use this incident as the impetus to make a lot of positive changes in my life


Oh well in that case you must have just had a revelation and learned the lessons that society with their laws and such have been trying to teach you since forever so all consequences are waived.... carry on.


What positive changes will you be making in the lives of others?


selfish creep!

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tom are you talking about port-a-wallace?


big john


Wait, what?? Steven Wallace did something? LOL



Here is some more of the story.


Taken from Jayski. The new information is update #2.


Annett arrested for drunk driving: UPDATES: #62-Michael Annett, a driver for Rusty Wallace's Nationwide Series team, was arrested early Sunday morning and charged with driving while intoxicated, texting while driving, failure to reduce speed and resisting an officer in the Mooresville area. According to the police report Annett, 24, was arrested between 1:30 and 2 a.m. and had a blood alcohol content of .32, four times the legal limit of .08. A member of the Mooresville police department said the resisting issue occurred because Annett did not want to be handcuffed. (ESPN.com)(2-7-2011)


UPDATE: Statement from Rusty Wallace:Rusty Wallace Racing is aware of a traffic incident over the weekend involving Michael Annett, driver of our team's #62 car. We have been in contact with both the authorities and NASCAR and are finishing our internal investigation into the facts. Rusty Wallace Racing does not condone, nor tolerate, substance abuse by any of its employees. In line with this, RWR is currently working with Michael to develop a package of sanctions which will address this issue. Among these will be successful completion of a comprehensive alcohol awareness program, a zero tolerance policy towards alcohol use, a year-long community service program and additional internal sanctions. Stated Annett, "I am deeply remorseful for my actions and my extreme lack of judgment. I let down my team, my sponsors, my fans and my family; I sincerely apologize to everyone that I hurt. This was truly a life-changing moment for me. Despite all of the negativity that will undoubtedly arise from it, I'm going to strive to use this incident as the impetus to make a lot of positive changes in my life." (RWR)(2-7-2011)


UPDATE 2: State DMV records show a NASCAR Nationwide Series driver charged with DWI, texting while driving and resisting police was involved in a crash seven months ago and used a similar excuse. Police say Nationwide driver Michael Annett was four times the legal blood alcohol limit when they stopped him after a crash Sunday. Investigators say Annett ate breath mints to hide the smell and told them texting is why he couldn't stop in time. "On the cell phone" and "could not stop in time" are the same words used on a DMV crash report with Michael Annett's name on it from July, 2010 on the Brookshire Freeway near Graham Street in Charlotte. It says Annett rear-ended a car, then that car rear-ended the car in front of it. The victim is a college student in West Virginia. Her dad says Annett was texting and driving, never hit the brakes, totaled his daughter's car and she needed physical therapy. The victim of the second car listed in the report also says Annett was texting while driving. Records show Annett was cited for failing to reduce speed. It had nothing to do with alcohol and Annett was not cited for anything alcohol related in that accident. (WCNC)(2-8-2011)

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Colt didn't just win it, he DOMINATED it.


Set fast time, started about ninth, took the lead about lap 51, and didn't look back.

He ran almost that whole race in the 18.90 second lap range, on both old and new tires. The only car with a possible chance of doing anything with Colt was Eddie Hoffman, who made a run on him about lap 160 or so.

Colt's answer?

He took his ride down to the 18.70 range and regained his gap on Hoffman.

Everyone was waving the white flag of surrender this night.


More amazing is Colt had ONE car, ONE engine, a small tag along trailer, and a rag-tag pit crew of friends from Austin. There were other teams with more money tied up in spare parts than Colt had in his entire operation.



Still in my mind as one of the most impressive displays of dominance by someone who worked hard for it instead of buying it.

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TMC was an inactive trucking company when Harrold Annett bought it in the early 70's. TMC stands for "The Mickow Corporation". It is just one of H. Annett's companies.


Anyone on here who has ever heard of a sprint car saw TMC on the side of Sammy Swindell's ride for years.


I believe Michael ran both the o6 and 07 challenge race at san antonio.


He did not run the 2006 race. He started 5th and finished 7th in the 2007 race.

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Here's the "punishment" from NASCAR:::


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (Feb. 11, 2011) – NASCAR announced today that it has placed Michael Annett, driver of the No. 62 car in the NASCAR Nationwide Series, on probation until Dec. 31, 2011.


Annett violated Section 12-1 (actions detrimental to stock car racing) of the 2011 NASCAR Rule Book. The violation occurred Feb. 6.


In addition to the steps already underway by Rusty Wallace Racing, Annett will be evaluated by a certified substance abuse professional at NASCAR’s discretion and will be subject to random alcohol and drug testing.

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Since it's not really NASCAR's job to "punish" a driver for off track and non NASCAR related incidents I think they did good to step up and place something in effect - the randoms and evaluation will help them make sure his behaviors don't effect others with the organization - which IS their job. Of course with that said I feel it shouldn't be needed. It's hard to drive in shackles.... impossible while doing the year in jail I believe ANYONE who drives drunk should be mandated to serve.


I have not driven with any measurable BAC for over 27 years (promise to a deceased friend) - if a guy who drinks as much as I did (or who likes to get blasted every now and then like I still do) can make other arraingements - any idiot can and should! Of course thats MY personal deal - if I make an excuse at one, soon will make an excuse at two then three and pretty drunk... so its easier to just not drive with any alcohol - or not drink when I must drive (which is pretty much every day lol).

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