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2011 Rides


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Love the color combo on the #01. Who will be driving that nice looking ride?




The #01 will be driven by Wes Walker. The car was being built for sas right before it shut down and has been sitting ever since due to not meeting the THR rules. We were gonna run a truck or sportsman this year at THR but when HMP Updated the rules for an open motor option we couldnt help but dust it off and bring it out.(cheaper than a new car) Nice car but Motor will be lacking HP and wont be real competitive. Except for the long drives we are really looking forward to this year competitive or not.

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Sill working on camaro but sport mod is almost ready!



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Thanks Truck99 ..

These cars run with NASA. Our home track is Grandsport Speedway in Hitchcock TX. The 00 (shown in the new picture i posted) car won the Super Unlimited Championship in 2009 and set the track record at the Hallet Speedway in OK in 2009 as well. We are in the process of putting another one together and plan on having sprint races at Grandsport Speedway. These things are an absolute blast to drive.


-Thanks for your interest,




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