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tires at new smyrna


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Tire soaking has become a major problem at short tracks all over the country (and, I dare say, in all levels of racing as well). Durometer rules work up to a certain extent, but there are ways around a durometer rule if you've got the money.


There is only one sure fire way to stop tire soaking. Several tracks up north do it this way:


1) All tires are purchased from the track and then given serial numbers and stored at the track in a locked building (or locked trailer) until it's time to race or qualify.


2) Immediately after the race, the tires for the top X are checked with a durometer while the cars are still on the track (usually right there on the back straight). Soft tires discovered at that point indicate a hidden spray system or some other system developed by a genius crew chief. Instant DQ if you go below that magic number.


3) Then every car that competed in that race reports directly to the impound area (at one track I am familiar with it's the line for the scales). Then, under the watchful eye of tech officials all tires are removed, serial numbers checked and all tires put back into the locked storage area.


4) Time for the next race? Great, go ask for your tires by serial number and put them on the car in front of the tire tech guy and go race.


This way, any time the cars are in competition they are on tires that have never left the track. Period.


Some of the best tire soaks these days take days (or at least hours) of continuous soaking from the inside of the tire. The team puts the tires on a rotisserie and let em soak for however long they feel they need to soak (or purchase them from someone who specializes in soaking tires). If they don't have access to the race tires, they can't soak 'em.


Does it take extra manpower? Yes sir, it sure does. And a computer to keep track of serial numbers too. Does it mean that the track has to find a trailer (or two) to store all the tires? Yes sir, it sure does.


Does it mean that all of a sudden the on-track competition gets even again? Yes, sir. It sure does.


Several tracks in New England use this system including Beach Ridge Motor Speedway.



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I would like to take a poll who cares how they do it up north


I'll take that poll supertx. I'm a track official from Maine and met Nick a couple of years ago at the BankNorth 250 at Oxford Plains Speedway and then again at a PASS event at Beach Ridge Motor Speedway. We discussed the tire soaking situation in detail and he got a good look at how we handle that problem, which isn't a problem up here any longer by the way.


Nick is 100% right in what he's saying about how to stop it. Make fun of the man for pointing out the truth, but you're the one looking like an idiot, not him.


Have fun.

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Ricky's sniffer and dryometer is doing a pretty good job - I know Richie didn't have them this year at the derby and obviously they are too soft at speed weeks - cause he is throwing them out


Personally, I don't have a problem with the way Brooks is policing the issue.

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