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i had been asked not to say anything until it was closer to the date and confirmed.

colt james will be racing for kyle busch motorsports sept. 25 at five flags. i'm more proud than words could do justice of my little brother (always have been). this is a very cool deal in my book ,,,,,,,and you deserve it and have more than earned it.



note to all the kyle busch bashers-

"he only cares about himself" ......colt moved to north carolina 7 years ago. went to work on making a living and still trying to make a name with very noticable talent that did not come with daddy's bank roll behind it. only to find talent does not get you as far as the before mention bank roll.

-this so called "ego maniac" "cry baby"...........is a racers racer. he gives short track , low budget , talented underdogs their shots to do what it is he does for the love of the sport.



that's all i have to say about that,,,,,,,i'm not a professional "PR" man just a proud brother of a guy that i watched bust his ass to get a chance that went to bank rolled babies until TRUE racers like kyle busch took notice.



-thanX kyle

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after re- reading my post i want to say i'm sorry if i came off rude. i did not mean to. everyone has different opinions about everything under the sun,,,,that is what makes us 'individuals'.

most of what i state on here is just to get a rise outta somebody, all in fun.

i'm biast but i feel like nobody deserves a chance more than my brother and it just happen to be the unique situation of the person that is giving it to him.

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So, who would like to volunteer to do live updates from Five Flags for this one? All you need is a fast computer with an air card and a strong desire to share the racing and Colt's progress with your buddies back in Texas.


I'll even give you the option of using the CoveritLive software or the forum updates... What a deal!


And the pay is great! Well, OK, it doesn't pay anything. But, hey! Just think of all the perks... er... um, well, just consider it an honor!



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Yes we are all very proud and excited, this has been a long two weeks. I have a big mouth and it has been very hard not blabbing it to anyone that might listen.


There is a article on speed51, but I was unable to copy it(computer illiterate).


Here's the short, front-page story from Speed51.com:


"Kyle Busch to Field Cars for Haase and James in Gulf Coast Races


Blizzard - 9/14/09


Kyle Busch Motorsports will field two cars in this Friday's Blizzard Series Super Late Model race at Five Flags Speedway (FL). One entry will be for 2008 PASS South champion Alex Haase, while the other ride will go to low-buck racer Colt James, who won last month's ASA Late Model event at Concord Speedway (NC). Update - Speed51.com has learned that the plan for Kyle Busch Motorsports is to run Colt James in Friday night's Blizzard race and then Alex Haase in Saturday night's Miller Lite Super Late Model Series race at Mobile International Speedway (AL)."

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go for it colt, hi dollar, low dollar, it don't matter, no dollars can beat natural talent, show'em what you got!!!


good luck and i hope you make it to the top, thanks, del :P

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any time our local talent get's a chance like this it always makes me proud, whether i know them or not! it's a fantastic opportunity and congrats to colt and ur pride in ur little brother is well deserved, shawn!


as for kyle....things that he does like this are the reasons i remain a true & loyal fan to him. he and his brother both do tons of stuff for lot's of different folks out there...so, like 'em or hate 'em, they are still #1 in NASCAR in my book!!


colt has a huge opportunity here, and i wish him all the best!!!


good luck, colt! :)

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they say earnhardt was the same way. he played the villian on the track and nobody liked him, but in his personal life he was giving handicap vans to disabled people and doing all sorts of things that he didnt want to be public for fear of ruining his on track persona.


go kick some butt colt, thats pretty awesome.

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