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I remember a man by the name of Ray Moonan promoted in 1980 before jake took it in 81.


I think 82-86 were C.A.R.A, Capitol Area Racing Association, Larry Houston was president for some time,

87-89 was Alvin & David Trueper with Stand on it Productions I think.

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I think Alvin and Lisa ran it longer than that. When I worked there from 87 to 94 they ran it the whole time.


It seemed like they ran a little while as they where always there when I came with TIDA in 95 to 97 too.


Neil may know some of this also. He is after all the Rush Limbaugh of racing.

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I know Alvin Stewart was there in the mid 90's.....that's when i started my writing career(LMAO) after a police escort out of the track.... :o ......and you wonder how I chose the nickname REBELracewriter. If TXSZ was around back in those days, Nick would have me on the permanantly banned list....though I'm sure some of you wish he did now......

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Kathy: Why did you come up with "Neil may know some of this also. He is after all the Rush Limbaugh of racing."


I know that Marvin McGee is trying to develop a written history of Austin Speed-O-Rama/Longhorn Speedway. Marvin wrote me and asked for my help since I was the PA announcer at both titled tracks for about 9 or 10 years between 1978 and 1987.


I wrote back to him and told him that I didn't have a single piece of paper on file from those days and I didn't think that trusting my memory on his historical document would be appropriate. I suggested that he get in touch with Mary Ann Naumann. She spent the better part of her life at that track.


However, I will throw in a couple of memories of past promoters at that 50 plus year old 1/4 asphalt track that weren't mentioned in the above list.


Sam and Dorothy Hill presided for a while near the end of the tracks operation.


I think the Chambers Brothers were the co-promoters.


The last name of the track was "Bad Boys Speed-o-Rama". The promoter for a few weeks was a man named Paul Miller. Races were never run, but a lot of weeds got cut down and a few rattlesnakes and rats who were making the track their home got evicted by Mr. Miller's grounds crew.


Neil Upchurch

Former Track Announcer

Austin Speed-O-Rama/Longhorn Speedway

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