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Moment of Truth


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We all keep saying NA$CAR racing has gone to you know what... So what is it supposed to look like on TV?


HD - still lacks, Emotion & Smell...


is Sunday racing, Racing, a business, an American Past-time, A way of life?


Things that make you go hummmm...


To keep true to one's self, or too keep one's self true to their view..

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We are but temporary visitors. Each of us has a finite number of days here, precious few they are, in the grand scheme of things. My advice, if I may be so bold, would be not to waste another sitting around "waiting for it to rain." .................... (Philosophically speaking of course.)

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It must not have rained much up there cause it started raining at about 7 on sat and didnt stop till midnight sat then started again sun about 630 and didnt stop till about 4 yesterday and then I guess it rained last night and im in kyle about 3 miles from the track.

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We hit the jackpot on the rain! We live near China Grove (east of San Antonio), and we got a total of 5-1/2 inches of rain over the past couple of days. YES!!!


And, yes, it's the same China Grove that was the theme of the song by the Doobie Brothers. Does anyone remember the lyrics from the song and why China Grove was famous "in its time?"

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These Lyrics?

When the sun comes up on a sleepy little town

down around San Antone

and the folks are risin' for another day

'round about their homes.

The people of the town are strange

and they're proud of where they came.


Well, you're talkin' 'bout China Grove, wo, oh, oh,

oh, China Grove.


Well, the preacher and the teacher,

Lord, they're a caution, they are the talk of the town.

When the gossip gets to flyin' and they ain't lyin';

when the sun goes fallin' down.

They say that the father's insane

and dear Missus Perkin's a game.


We're talkin' 'bout the China Grove, wo, oh, oh,

oh, China Grove.


But ev'ryday there's a new thing comin',

the ways of an oriental view.

The sheriff and his buddies

with their samurai swords,

you can even hear the music at night.

And though it's part of the Lone Star State

people don't seem to care,

they just keep on lookin' to the East.


Talkin' 'bout the China Grove, oh, China Grove.


Ths story went, as I remember, that the Doobies recorded and named the song; only to find out after it became a hit that there was really a China Grove, around San Antonio. I believe the song writer was Tom Johnston, who was the lead singer before getting sick, and being replaced by Michael MacDonald.


What amazed me was the number of my High School Class mates at Schertz Clemens that had no idea where China Grove was, although it ain't more than 10 miles away as the crow flies.......

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You totally amaze me. Not only are you the best racing history expert in this area, but you also know a lot about music!


Your comment about Schertz is no surprise. I grew up on the south side of San Antonio and had to learn to navigate to locations all over the north side. But the reverse wasn't (and still isn't) true. I can't tell you how many people from the north side didn't even know the south side existed . . . and certainly couldn't find their way around.

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The people of the town are strange

and they're proud of where they came.



I don't know if I would let people know about the song, just because of the lone lyric above. Does Jody Wayne Stuart live there by any chance? I could understand the lyric's truth if he did.


I didn't know Elmendorf had a suburb. WOW, us people from the Northside are learning alot.LOL I came from the South side also, but further south than you. I remember driving to the North side & it seemed like I was driving all the way to Austin. Now, that I'm on the North side, it doesn't take any time to get to the South side.

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Well ya knew this was coming ........................... LINK



Incidentially, it stopped raining up here last October and we've had hardly a decent rain shower since. We got a 15 minute shower this morning. An hour later I went walking around the property and didn't even get any mud on my shoes. The ground is so dry, it sucks up any moisture like a sponge. Please send some rain my way. :)

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