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ALL the above mentioned commercials were GREAT! I would have to say those were better than 75% of the Superbowl commercials... Looks like the "fine" monies are going into making better ads for Nascar!



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tie....the cars that have neon colored eyes, teeth and tails where one pulls up on the other one from behind and bites him instead of bumpdrafting.


the other is when the kids take over and drive the cars with the RC stuff..."RUN FOR YOUR LIFE !!!"



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Just sign the big part's, LMAO....I saw that live on tv, you would have sworn he wasn't going to get out of that car alive....the look on Michael's face is priceless!


That's the one that brought me to tears in laughter the first time I saw it....it is an instant classic. What's even more funny was the "I don't get it" looks on the new NASCAR fans faces who were with me at the time.


Kids these days. :lol:

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Did he really get out of that car....man it has been so long ago....... DAYUM!


I think that car(or what's left of it ) is in the Smithsonian (SPL) Institute, isn't it?


I don't knowi f it's in the Smithsonian - it was in the Talladega Motorsports Hall of Fame for a while. And yeah, he walked out of it....after he undid the belts he just stood up in the middle of all the carnage. It was amazing.


I saw it on TV when it happened....


Here it is PA, just not at full speed. You don't get the true impact of how hard that crash really was ...................


Yeah - I showed my new NASCAR pals that - then they got the joke in the commercial. Now they laugh :rolleyes:

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