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What I Want To See


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Prompted by Turbo-Diesel on http://txsz.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16780&st=50 :


I think I was six, maybe seven, years old when I dragged my dad out to PAS for the first time - a family up the street owned a Super Stock and my brother was on the crew. I used to walk up the street with him and sit in an old racing tire and watch them work on the car. So of course, when I saw them head out to the track, I had to go to the races and see what it was all about. Dad, to my knowledge, had never been to the track but that night started my 36 years of race-watching. I still remember some of the wonder of a little kid at the races.


So here's what this long-time fan wants to see:


Inversion - Yes!


Track size - prefer 3/8 - 1/2 mile.


Pits - in the infields, or better, off the 3/4 turns w/ parade road in front of the stands (like old PAS and Tri-City) so the kids can see the cars up-close as they go to the track


All-involved: Probably




Classes - no more than 4 per night. More than 4, or really more than three, drags the show out too long (See Tri-City going until 1:00 AM) and MEANS LESS CARS PER CLASS which equals BORING. Regular classes should be entry-level, mid level, top-level (preferably some kind of LM or LM look-alike).


Start/End time: 7:30 & end NLT 10:30 so the kids can make it through and will want to come back again - I'm not paying to bring my family out and then have to leave before the features, which should be the best races of the night. Kids are what keep bringing families back to the track, which equals more admission fees & more concession sales.

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c.c. is great - could use a dog leg on back side

more cars in all class'es more than 4 or 5 in each heat

if a car loose's oil or water they and their crew help clean it up or all drivers could help clean it and speed up the night. more stuff for the kids during halftime like bike races that was a good time when that lasted

other than that it has and i hope it will stay the place to be a on sat. night.


advertise more to fill the stands, offer something like the old 50/50 or raffles to keep it exciting for all

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My thoughts exactly as a fan and a driver! I love CC especially because of the parade road. I'll never forget sitting there in line for qualifying and a little boy and girl probably 6 or 7 sat there and talked me all the way down. I felt terrible that I sucked so bad that race because I knew they were cheering for me. (at least in my egotistical brain)

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