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Special thanx to outlaw22, debwill and SAS


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Just wanted to give special thanx for another special night for me.

Rodney, thanx again for giving me the opportunity to take some laps at SAS. I know how much time, effort and money race teams put into their cars and to let someone you've never met jump in it takes alot of trust and faith.

Debbie, thanx alot for the invite, the food/refreshments and the Hooters coffee mug.

Mike, great idea to try to get the local media involved. It's a shame that more didn't take the time to show up, though I know it's not for lack of effort on Debbie or your part.


Now for what you all(LOL) want to know, how did I do? I had three goals, turn a few respectible laps, stay out of the infamous SAS turn 2 wall, and return the car(to Rodney) in one piece. I felt I accomplished all three. While my lap times were certainly not world record times, and I would have been a back marker/lap traffic in the Sportsman class, I thought I did rather well.

First lap was 29.99, second 28.60, third and fourth identical 27.47's and the last lap was 26.87 . The 26.87 would have at least made me competitive in the Roadrunner class. And I was the fastest of any of the other media guys that made laps. So much so, that Larry Bendele couldn't believe it was just a media guy out there. Larry (jokingly) said he would have let me drive the 23 car, but he didn't bring it since it was still being repaired after being wrecked and losing the motor.

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It was a pleasure meeting you at SAS and I was glad you came. Although I am still waiting for your entourage to show up. lol

I thought it was a great night with Aramendia and his Busch car there, Tommy Grimes, a few Legends cars

and a couple of Mods, Even had a Texas Pro Sedan there. Was a busy night.


Enjoyed it, and I think the fans did too.


Thanks again

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Note to Debwill:

I know, through personal experience (for those who are wondering, I was Deb's "part-time advisor" per se for the event), how much time and effort you put into your Media Day last night @ SAS.

No matter who/how many showed up, congrats on taking the "bull by the horns" and making it happen. As with ALL things connected with Texas local racing, remember that EVERYTHING is going to take some time. So, look at last night as successful, plus it's laying ground work for future successful endeavors. I don't think anyone can thank you enough for all that you did, but this is an attempt to do so. Rebel's words say alot, too.. :D

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Hey Reb I saw you floating through the pits with a cloud #9 beneath your feet and a look on your face that resembled a hot wings high searching for a hooters girl.LOL but really your laps looke good from where iI was watching.(spoken with a James Earl Jones voice) Now Luke come over and join us on the asphalt side.

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LOL Jim2, thanx I kept that hot wings high till well into the early morning. When it comes to racing I'm open-minded enough to go both ways.

zoom, What you didn't see the Hooters girls? You must have left too early, they showed up after Hooters closed for the night. LOL

Chuck, you shoulda been there. Or were you "skeered" I'd show ya up on the track? :o:P:lol: Then you could have been beaten by a lady(Kathy) at THR and by a gardener at SAS. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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What a cool night at SAS. While Reb didn't have any Hooter

girls around in preperation for his SAS debut, I did offer

to take my shirt off and stand by the car to "calm his nerves".

I must say however that J did run some impressive laps around

the track, I did get nervous one time when I heard the engine

rev up on the backstretch !!!

To see your excitment when you pulled in the pits Reb was

enough for to consider media night a success.

Hats off to all the guys and gals who participated in the deal

last night and to everyone who networked with me last week

getting things in order....


Rodney 22

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Overall, the media night at San Antonio Speedway went well.


I was a bit disappointed that we didn't have more TV or radio stations there, but at least we made a good start. Channels 9, 12 & 41 showed up. Channel 5 was supposed to be there, but they didn't show up. Channels 4 and 35 never intended to come, even though I really pleaded our cause. I don't think any of the radio stations showed up. Randy Carroll from KJ97 was supposed to be there, but I never saw him.


Rebelracewriter, I hope you had a good time! Mike Haag and Nick Holt had planned to come for a little while, but they had other previous commitments and were unable to attend. Chuck Licata was generous with his free advice and gave me the opportunity to talk about our media night on The Zone. Marc Roy was always nearby with his camera, and Steve Jung and Paul Lozano were also very helpful with making things go smoothly.


Mike Sepich did a great job of getting everything together on his end. He told the officials that the media had priority before the races (e.g., media drives, interviews, etc.), made registration a breeze, and provided food and drink in the press box.


I think News 9 is planning to air their piece on Tuesday night during the 10P news. They did a lot of footage (driver interviews, fan interviews, media drives, and taped a couple of the heat races), so I think it will be the best coverage. Channel 41 did a media drive and interviewed Joe Aramendia, Danny Garcia and Jesse Salazar. Channel 12 interviewed Joe Aramendia, and they want to come back and do more. I found it quite interesting that those who showed up thanked me over and over for inviting them. They seemed to really enjoy themselves.


Rodney Rodriguez was very helpful in lining up cars for the media to drive, even when I needed an automatic for one of the reporters! I also want to add my thanks to Ronnie Smith, Rodney, and J R Eichelberger for loaning your cars out to the media. And we also owe our thanks to all of the special appearances by the Allison Legacy cars, Joe Aramendia, ROMCO and TPS cars. Wayne Long (Aramendia's PR guy) was also a big help in contacting the media.


So, overall it wasn't all the media coverage I had wanted, but it was a good start. At least we've stimulated some interest, and we just need to keep up the momentum. I will continue to bug the major stations until I finally get them to show up! But it may take several of us pestering them to make it happen, so please feel free to to help out in that area.



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Congrats again to Debbie and ALL the people she just thanked for the Media Day success...


Now comes the part of the "plan" that all tracks usually fall on their face..THE FOLLOWUP...


As Deb said, you HAVE TO continue to build on the momentum you started..I can give you personal stories about how track owners have "dropped the ball" after getting momentum established...


To all at SAS: Please step up and give Mike and Deb a hand in continuing the momentum that you started this past Saturday! Best of luck... :D

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