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  1. Does anyone know if this race Is still on?
  2. Pretty old but still have scales?
  3. Link to photos from LSQMA 9/14/2019

    Where in Houston? Looked at LSQMA website and schedule just shows HOuston. No location Thanks in advance
  4. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    Question. I know this is over simplifying this particular situation but here it goes. When the "car of tomorrow" came out and all were exactly the same. (yeah i know) we began to notice some cars seemed to be dog legging down the track. It soon became obvious that some one had determined that the car was faster when the body was going into the wind diagonally rather than head on. Nascar says here's your body don't change it. Bodies were mounted slightly out of square to the chassis but not changed. Thinking outside the box working within the rules as stated or cheating? I have had completely legal parts confiscated in tech. No one is perfect (cept Jesus) not even the tech guy. Which, by the way, is another thankless job but thank God some are willing to do it.
  5. Tim, Since we share the name and I respect your very thick skin, I have a milk crate full that will allow your springs to pick up the truck........You can choose your comp/rebound. I also have the tools and parts if you wish to re-valve. I can't help you there but i am sure you can handle it. Also, I am not sure of the shock rules for trucks but you likely know what you can and cant do so PM me and we will find a way to get them to you. Free loan for July 6. I will even shoulder the risk of them getting bent. I will be out of state for first 2 weeks of July so let me know ASAP. Tim (Yes, it is my real name)
  6. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    I'll bite. I don't know if it is a who as much as a where. There are plenty of tech violations in Cup that just incur a fine and the "really bad ones" maybe suspend a crew chief for a race or 2. I am all for pushing the limits within the rules. If they don't like what you do and change the rules to address what you have done, then look to find another avenue to beat the guys around you within the rules. Grey areas are grey. Force them to work within the RULES or be disqualified. No matter who you are, what your name is, who you drive for or where you stand in the points. If you (NASCAR) don't like the use of a grey area, address the perceived grey violation by making that area as black and white as possible for the next race. Now it's a rule and you can be disqualified for violating the new rule. I believe that's one of many ways innovation happens. MAYBE this was a shot over the bow that says "Now we really mean business.... No, this time i really mean it.... no this time i really really mean it...... No this time I really, really, really mean it". As it has been
  7. Purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP

    Ah (the recent) good old days of Houston Speedway.... Does anyone remember 1997-2002. 100 per class entry fee, 25 per head driver and crew 6" tall trophy if you were lucky, sometimes a plaque. Oh yeah here is your "show money" 100 tickets to give to whoever you want. ROMCO was the big show If you wanted the 2500-5K to win (I know not all shows) Romco was the way to go. In later years TSRS was as well but not sure on the TSRS purse structure. We were real lucky to have had someone step (Bakers) in and take over at great financial risk to themselves and try to make HMP work. I think the late model pay out to win was 300 to win when the first crate late model class was established (600 to win for the occasional 75-100 lap special event) and grew to a respectable size class. All the classes did for that matter. Car counts increased, fan base increased, PURSE increased, fans got out of the stands, some bought cars, some sponsored cars but many got interested and involved. You could hardly find a seat. $1 beer, $1 hotdogs didn't hurt. We now have another group who has been willing to take the risk. THANK YOU should be the first and IMO the proper response. If I recall, what ultimately became NASCAR was formed from a bunch of guys who wanted to race their cars and see who was faster... What was the purse then? If you can, get involved, race, volunteer either at the track or on a crew, or just buy a ticket and watch. If nothing else vocally support the ONLY LOCAL ASPHALT TRACK LEFT IN THE STATE.
  8. Thank you for the Chicken?

    Thanks for the clarification. Figured it was my Spanish that was the problem. I guess that's what happens when your knowledge of a language is limited to food and tools. At least I know what Ill be eating if I go see racing in Mexico.
  9. Thank you for the Chicken?

    I tried to DVR the Mexican Gran Prix and the weather got in the but I managed to catch the end live. From what little I saw, the whole setup was totally cool. Congrats Mr Tavo Helmund on a job well done. I thought the "victory lane" where the parked the cars and podium in the former baseball stadium was cool. Now on the important issues.. I have lived in Texas almost all my life and worked construction here for 30 years. Even given that experience my Spanish is still lacking for sure. I need some help. Did Nico Rosberg say "Thank you for the chicken" on the podium? Surely someone knows..
  10. American Muscle Car Auto Racing (AMCAR) at HMP

    How many are ready? Would like to see some pictures
  11. I find it confusing and interesting....

    Well Reb, That's pretty negative of you!
  12. American Muscle Car Auto Racing (AMCAR) at HMP

    No bugging, I actually had an original thought for once. I have only been to 1 track 1 time in the last 1 1/2 years and I don't really even talk to anybody involved in racing. No reason other than life has gotten in the way. I made plans to attend HMP last Saturday and was thwarted again. After that I swore off this site (sorry Nick)..........only made it from last Tues. till today. John's email with this info inspired me. I like the idea. Besides, If I had it my way, I would spend John's money like this....................
  13. American Muscle Car Auto Racing (AMCAR) at HMP

    In any business it seems there are plenty of people who will tell you what you're doing wrong and how they would fix it. But rarely are those same people willing to risk their own money to do what they are saying is the "best way" If what your doing is not working, try something different. Pretty sound business principal I believe. Truck class-Working Mod class- working Stock car class.....not so much. The Stock Car class has been kind of floundering for several years now. Didn't they even make some exceptions in the rules so other cars could compete (thunderstocks/superstocks, not sure which) and still no consistent takers. This class may have run its course and it's certainly not drumming up much interest with new drivers. Seems like most younger drivers moving up go from Legends/Bandos directly to the trucks. IMO for NEW drivers, the truck series has gotten pretty intimidating over the last couple years. I do not believe many guys sitting in the stands would look out there and say " I think I will go buy a truck and race with these guys". This is where Ill take my hits I'm sure. This could be a class that guys watching would look at and say, I'd like to try that. It also may be slow enough that the "real racers" (in their own mind) are "to good" to race. Much like the response when the Sportsman late model class was introduced at HMP. Most Super/Pro LM guys didn't jump at the idea. Possibly (in some cases definitely) because of the lower powered slower nature of the cars. However, there were quite a few guys who bought and raced these cars with limited or no experience and a few "not too proud" well known racers ran them as well. The 1 limiting factor may be cost. I'm anxious to see the numbers. When people say it's too expensive, that usually means its too expensive for the one making the argument. Not a slam, just a fact. Only time will tell if it is too expensive to work for HMP. There is a lot of money in the stands. Those who have it might be encouraged and drawn to spend it on the track.
  14. Trivia

    SAS . Got nothing else though.
  15. First races you attended?

    Pre-1972 Barberton Speedway In Barberton Ohio 1/4Mi Asphalt. Don't remember 1st race. Post 72 we moved from OH to within a mile or so of Meyer Speedway.