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  1. To Dan & Kandy Monroe

    I dont no anything bout owning or operating a racetrack mr monroe but if there is any way possible please consider keeping cc speedway a racetrack for future generations to enjoy
  2. CC Speedway Hall of Fame

    yes the clock is way kool, alot of the super stocks i grew up watchin race good times for the track great memories
  3. 100 lap feature

    miss those days sompthin fierce when stands were packed mud drags goin and moto X such great memories
  4. Any interest in old race cars?

    James Mikulencak
  5. Any interest in old race cars?

    Lawrence Mikulencak
  6. Any interest in old race cars?

    Slick Yeoman drivin "Banny Rooster" think Allen Yeats owned it
  7. 100 lap feature

    this is the blue #1 James drove late 70's early 80's sweet car great driver one of my hero's
  8. Rest In Peace Rick Rapp

    My moms health has been very poor so i have been in nebraska for last year plus, that being said just found out one of my childhood hero's and texas legendary short track driver Rick Rapp had passed away. My prayers go out to his family friends and fans R.I.P. buddy. Ross Bowers p.s. favorite all time car had Mickey Mouse on the roof!!!
  9. CC Speedway's #11

    To answer viper the maroon # 6 car he thought was slick was Jerry Edwards im sure