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  1. I-37 point standing as of Sept 23

    They can throw out low point or they must throw out low point night?
  2. I-37 Delivered!

    Great show at I-37 Speedway with 90+ cars in 3 classes. Lots of 3 and sometimes 4 wide racing all night. Add to that the successful Powder Puff and Power Puff event that raised $20,000 for Cancer research. Hats off and thank you to all involved ! Now we move on to Cotton Bowl Speedway in Paige , Tx. for their big Octoberfast event. With big payouts across the board this should be a 100+ car count event not to be missed. Come early the stands will be filled for sure!
  3. I-37 point standing as of Sept 23

    Interesting. So the team that shows up every race night gets points taken away for it.
  4. 2019 I-37 Speedway Track Champions

    Congrats to Tryton Temple for championships at both I-37 and Texana Raceway Park.
  5. OK Race Fans

    Well the end of the racing season is upon us and great events are coming up. Starting with I-37 Speedway tomorrow night , Oct.12. Big payouts for the participating three classes plus the Powder Puff and Power Puff racing to raise money for breast cancer. I-37 never fails to deliver in entertaining the fans with great racing and fun announcing. Even cows wanna race there! See the I-37 Facebook page for details. Then Cotton Bowl Speedway in Paige Tx has their big season ender OCT 18 and 19. Great facility and this race usually pulls a big car count. Then comes Texana Raceway Park's Aaron Hudgeons Memorial in Edna , Texas Oct25 and 26. This is a must see event which this season has the big payout. $2500 to win Sportmod $2500 Pure Stock and $1000 Street. This is another event that that never fails to deliver. Car count should be huge especially in factory stock. Wouldn't surprise me to see over 40 Factory stocks for this one. So fans get out to one , two or all three of these great events I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Then we can all gear up the big one at South Texas Speedway in December. Be sure and check these tracks Facebook/websites for details and get out there!
  6. Good job for the three tracks working together to give some bonus money to top three Sportmod teams who race all three big races . I have said all year these three tracks offer the best for South Texas race fans and this just proves it. Now South Texas race fans we need to get out and support these three events and show our appreciation by filing the stands. Thank you in advance I-37 , Texana Raceway Park and South Texas Speedway for all you have done and continue to do for South Texas racing! Although I haven't been there yet I feel I should include L-87 Speedway for what they have done with the GO-Karts. They have had quite a kart count all year so kudos to them too.
  7. TSTRS Question

    We did Heart of Texas on Friday night and Kennedale Saturday night . We stayed in Waco and to kill time before leaving for Kennedale visited the Dr. Pepper Museum and the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. It was a great weekend. As for the three South Texas tracks if I were to go only one time I would pick the Hudgeons Memorial at Texana , the new DTK Memorial at I-37 and the South Texas Shootout at South Texas Speedway.
  8. Good luck to all going to the big show

    Where can the results be found?
  9. Good luck to all going to the big show

    Click on arrow to see complete list.
  10. Thank You South Texas Speedway !

    I can't believe I left out the rest of the staff ! EVERYONE involved at the track did great. And I can't believe I left out the ticket ladies and especially the concession workers. The lines have never moved faster. I don't drink but I'm sure the Turn 5 crew did a great job as well.
  11. This race fan would like to publicly thank South Texas Speedway for putting on an awesome season. Three wide and pack racing became the norm making it exciting for the fans. I'd like to point out areas where STS excelled. Track Prep- All season the track was racy and fast. From the point the new dirt was put down it really was great. To achieve this in all the hot , dry weather must had taken a ton of work so hats off to the track prep crew. Running a Smooth , Quick Program- I would say most of the nights the races were over between 10:00 and 10:30 and rarely hit 11:00 if at all. A lot of that credit goes to the pit line up person and the wrecker crew. Great job by both all year. Announcer- It is nice to hear the passion and love of the sport that comes through . And to top it off we get to hear the National Anthem sung beautifully like it should be sung without vocal gymnastics every race night. Great job Nick Robbins! Facility Maintenance- This racetrack has never looked better. Facility is always clean and well maintained. Good job by whoever does it. Awesome Drivers - The best in South Texas are found at STS including racers that come from San Antonio and other places on occasion. I've seen some remarkable racing by so many. So thank you to ALL the racers in all classes. You men, women and young ones are the best! Steve Whiteaker Jr. - Thank you Mr. Whiteaker of taking on the challenge of running a dirt track. You have come up with innovative ideas such as the Chase format , tire change for line up, the best Sportmod payout and other cool things.The Sportmod deal really paid off for the fans with an average car count around 20 weekly and some off the chart racing. So thank you and your entire crew for all the effort you put in. Can't wait for December 5 ,6, 7 and beyond.