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  1. Official Race Results - May 25

    Yes Hi-Tech , well put.
  2. Official Race Results - May 25

    The 8c was DQ in factory stock. Too bad , good running car.
  3. Bobby Labonte in NASCAR Hall of Fame

    A most deserving class.
  4. Planning on making the trip up from Corpus. This time it won't be 45 degrees with a 45 mph wind!
  5. Tecate Championship Night 6

    Good night of feature racing! That Sportmod finish was amazing. Great job by Broc Bowen pulling it out after a tough final lap!!
  6. New Texana Raceway Partnership!

    They have a Sprint Show (SUS) and a couple two day shows on the schedule.The last two times I was there we were braving a 40 mph north wind and cold. Was still fun though.
  7. New Texana Raceway Partnership!

    Texana is working hard and I hope it pays off. Neat race track to visit.
  8. As a fan who started going to the races in 1956 or57 at CC Speedway and stayed with the asphalt until Owen took over STS I feel asphalt can make a comeback. The people you need to be asking are those hundreds of former asphalt racers around the state that are running dirt now if they would go back. There are the ones that can tell you cost differences , fun factor etc. One way is to make the rules as close as possible for dirt and asphalt cars. You are going to need existing cars to boost the car counts. Therefore Factory Stocks and Sportmods need to be definite classes.As well as Sport Compacts.The format has to go back to heat races and shorter features. That was the main reason I had no interest in going to Kyle. From what I have read tires seem to be a big issue.There must be a cheaper way to go like going to a harder tire or no slicks other that Pro-Mods. Meanwhile best of luck to HMP and all involved.
  9. I sure hope so. With todays rain and more to come I doubt STS will be running.
  10. Speaking as a fan I'd rather see 2 or three 8 lap heat races and a 25 lap feature than one 50-75 lapper. That is what most of us grew up on .
  11. Well speaking as a fan I truly respect and thank all those who step up as promoters/operators of race tracks. Dirt track operators in particular. To do it right they have to prep and water the track 3 o 4 days a race week which requires a lot of equipment asphalt tracks don't. HMP being to only asphalt track in a 4 state area makes it really tough on the promoter and racer both. The racer hesitates to build a car not knowing how long the track stays open. The track has to hang on long enough for cars to get built to get the ball rolling. As the car count grows and sustains then the purse can grow. To the folks at HMP I wish the best of luck and hope you can hang on long enough to see asphalt racing grow.
  12. For Those Not on Facebook

    I-37 looks to be getting it in an hour or so.
  13. Visited Longhorn many times over the years and never left disappointed.
  14. Dega Baby

    Yes packed stands and a good race. This may be the solution to the NASCAR problems. Talladega and Daytona 5 or 6 times each season , the road courses and a few short tracks!