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  1. Racing rumor mill....Track reopening

    Always good news for a track reopening ! Best of luck to all involved.
  2. The already huge weekend June21,22 at Cotton Bowl Speedway got even bigger with the addition of the Texas Dirt Truck Series on the 22nd. There are two can't miss events. The Jerry Whiteaker Memorial March 7 , 8 and 9 with the HUGE and DEEP payout as shown above at South Texas Speedway and the Ultimate Deep South Late Model Series event with their BIG payouts at Cotton Bowl June 21 and 22. And who knows what might be added down the road. I can't wait for March !!!!
  3. What a great looking 2019 for South Texas race fans! Starting Feb. 22 at Cotton Bowl Speedway with the return of the World of Outlaw Sprints. Follow that with the Jerry Whiteaker Memorial March 7 , 8 and 9 with big payouts to sportmods. $2000 to win on the 7th and 8th and a whopping $8900 to win on the 9th!! Surely one event not to be missed. Just saw Cotton Bowl Speedway has a huge Late Model race by the Ultimate Deep South Late Model Series June 21 and 22 paying $5000 to win $550 to start on both nights . Someone could have an $10,000 weekend ! If that wasn't good enough the Southern Winged Modified Tour will be racing twin $3000 to win and Factory Stocks will be going for $2000 to win each night!! Texana Raceway Park will have ASCS Sprints April 13 and SUS Sprints on July 20. Texana will have the POWRi 600 Mini Sprints Sept 14 , South Texas Speedway will have them June22 and I-37 Speedway on April 13. And this is just a sample these 4 tracks have going on. So go to these tracks Facebook and websites and check their schedules often as they may be adding more events and plan out a fun season. When not at these big events support your area race tracks. We fans in South Texas are blessed with these 4 tracks and their promoters who are giving us quite a schedule. Corpus Christi area has South Texas Speedway, one of the fastest tracks around. Victoria/Houston area has Texana , San Antonio has I-37 and Austin/ Houston has Cotton Bowl. I-37 , Texana and South Texas are generally 100 miles or so apart so when your home track isn't running take a little road trip. I've been to all four and they all provide a great fan experience and great racing. Corpus Christi has the beach, fishing and other stuff so you can make a weekend out of it. Don't miss out!!!

    She was definitely one of a kind . Lady had a ton of energy and like you say didn't shy away from anything. A huge part of C.C. Speedway history.
  5. Are we looking at a 2020 season opening?
  6. 2019 Nascar

    Well as a fan I am more excited for the 2019 racing season to start than I have for quite some time. The reason being I have three great tracks close by to choose from. South Texas Speedway , Texana Raceway Park and I-37 Speedway. The neat thing about all three is they have good people running them. All three last year put a good product on the track and are exceptionally fan friendly.All three had good to great car counts. And hearing that there may be a new asphalt track outside of San Antonio and the possible return of Longhorn things are looking great for the race fan in South Texas.I know every track has "issues" with racers. As a fan as long as they put on an entertaining night with good car counts I don't care who is there or not there. I'll cheer and support the ones that are there. If you as a fan don't go to a track because driver X isn't there you may be missing some great racing. So thank you VERY much to Mr's Whiteaker , Doyon and Densman and their staffs for all the great entertainment you all provided in 2018. Can't wait to see what is in store for us in 2019! Sure gets off to a great start with the Jerry Whiteaker Memorial at South Texas Speedway for the BIG $$$ ! Hurry up March 2019!!
  7. 2019 Nascar

    What was the most successful Texas asphalt NASCAR short track?
  8. 2019 Nascar

    The worst thing HMP , maybe Longhorn and the Marion track is to go NASCAR sanction. It hurt San Antonio Speedway more than it helped it. And that was when NASCAR was a bigger thing than it is now.Talk up NASCAR , announce about it or even show Saturday night NASCAR races on TV at the track but DON'T go sanction. If Texas grows to three asphalt tracks the best thing they can do is make it where the racers can race at all the tracks with few changes from their home tracks rules. Dirt racing has the luxury of IMCA rules being dominant.Maybe asphalt needs an rule package like that. Now is the time to do that since there is now only one but it could be three. I know it sounds good in theory and it is hard to do since each track has to take care of its own first. At the very least San Antonio and Austin should be the same.Just saying.
  9. Championship Night at STS

    How did the winner of the Limited Late Model get dropped from 1st to 4rth?
  10. Longhorn Speedway

    Ol Longhorn ! Visited that place many times over the years and was never disappointed . I hope you can bring it back to its old glory when it was 3 or 4 classes of cars and heats and features. Best of luck to both this venture and the one in Marion.
  11. Unbelievable accident!!!

    So many lucky people that were not hurt worse that they were considering. You are correct , Nick . I should not have used the term serious but a wonder no one was killed. I read where the car clipped the top of the roll bar of the yellow car and when she hit the booth upside down her head was in the opening of the booth. Hate to imagine what would had happened if the car hadn't clipped the catch fence.
  12. Unbelievable accident!!!

    There are so many "a foot the wrong way" examples in this . A huge tip of the hat to the builder of the photographers stand. No one was seriously injured by the way.