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  1. I-37 Speedway updates 3/16/19

    Looks like the decline of street stocks has hit I-37. Good car count for overall in the other classes. Will be up next week to spectate.
  2. Nascar Phoenix

  3. Night 3 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

    South Texas Speedway did show they had their act together from the ticket/token booth , concession workers , announcing ,infield crew , line-up person everything you can think off. Only negative was no event t-shirts unless I missed it. A+ job to all those involved in putting on this show!
  4. A great night of racing Friday as the first 4 rows are set for the Jerry Whiteaker Memorial tonight!. Now the battle gets more intense as many good race teams race tonight to make the field for $890 just to start! Three wide big boy racing was everywhere Friday night and it should really ramp up tonight. You can't miss this ! Check out southtxspeedway.com results page to see all the names who have yet to qualify . Impressive in itself. Remember races start at 6:30 so come early as the stands SHOULD BE packed for this one!
  5. Overall a good night. Sportmod A-Main was excellent once it got going. Even after moving the back wall in 15 feet didn't stop them from going 3 sometimes 4 wide back there. Yes I did say 4 wide. Track took awhile to come in but once it did . Wowza! Can't wait until night two. Oh yes Chris Brown came from 14th to win. Jason Ingalls was second and Lawrence was a strong third pending tech.
  6. Nascar Vegas

    If NASCAR is dead and gone the local asphalt track may be too. I think we are seeing this now. As for butts in the stands I think a local track sponsor goes to the track and sees say 600 people filling 60-100% depending on the track feels much better than the NASCAR sponsor spending big bucks and walking into these half full tracks.There is no doubt NASCAR knows they have a problem and now that France Jr. is somewhat out of the picture they have done things to try and fix it.Now that NASCAR has taken over ARCA maybe they will adopt the variety of tracks ARCA races on as soon as they can. I hope more asphalt tracks will be built and succeed. It will take at least a few seasons to get going as racers gain confidence in the track to commit to building a car. Most of us old timers grew up at the asphalt track and it can be big again if it can match the excitement dirt tracks for the most part currently provide.
  7. Good turnout of Sportmods for practice , around 30 or so. Track got real fast as the night went. Quite a few were fast cars so the racing ought to be quite intense this weekend. The weather forecast keeps getting better and better each day. So plan on attending as many nights as you can.Races start 7:30 Thursday and Friday and 6:30 on Saturday. You don't want to miss this one !
  8. The time has FINALLY got here. The long awaited Jerry Whiteaker Memorial at South Texas Speedway ! Boasting one of the best payouts around and with the weather looking better every day this is an event not to be missed. I would expect 70-80 of the best Sportmods around the state and couple that with the best of South Texas Pure Stocks there is going to be a ton of racing for your dollar all three nights. So make your plans this Thursday , Friday and Saturday nights . I saw on STS's Facebook races start at 7:30 Thursday and Friday nights $2000 to win $200 to start each night and 6:30 Saturday for the big $8900 , $890 to start main event. So get there early. You don't want to miss this!!!!
  9. K & N East

    One thing I really like about ARCA is they run on everything. High bank 1/4 and 1/2 miles , long and short track dirt, big speedways. It used to be ARCA-We love to crash but the ones I've seen on MAV have been really good. I hope NASCAR doesn't screw that up. Nathan , I grew up on asphalt , a lot of CC Speedway , SAS and and a little Longhorn. And the racing was great.Started liking dirt after going to the Modified Nationals in McAllen. CC was great all the way up until Owen went to STS. And it has been dirt ever since. I have a lot of hope the new track in Marion can jump start asphalt racing. If they can build a multi groove track that would be great.
  10. Old SAS Video

    Man , I really miss SAS.
  11. Nascar Vegas

    Yes , the restarts were pretty exciting.
  12. K & N East

    Dirt track. Best racing there is.
  13. Wowza! ASCS , Southern United Sprints and Race Saver Sprints this year! Thank you Texana Raceway Park !
  14. That is GREAT news about the RaceSaver Sprints being there. I have seen them at Kennedale and there are great. Very competitive. Looks like a lot of road trips from Corpus this year!