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  1. Well the great weather that was forecast on Wed for this weekend changed last night. Cloudier and cooler than before. So bundle up!
  2. I went to practice last night and was surprised how full the pits were for a Thursday night! HiTech said there were 70 Sportmods and 50 Factory Stocks and I don't doubt it! Track was fast as usual but I did hear drivers complaining about a lot of ruts. I'm sure that will be worked out. Kale Westover drew the pole for the 12 car winner take all $1000 Sames Ford race and took off with Shane Hebert in pursuit a mid race yellow set up quite a duel between Westover and Hebert(like last years Memorial) with Hebert getting the win. With still more cars to come tonight this event is going to be something else. Something you don't want to miss! Friday night races start at 7 and Saturday night at 6. Don't miss it!!!!
  3. Practice night is here! To date there are 73 sportmods and 42 Factory Stocks registered give or take. This looks to be the strongest Sportmod field ever so make your plans for this weekend. Near perfect weather awaits on one of the fastest tracks around guarantees a great weekend of racing!
  4. I'm sure this came about by the success of the Eldora Truck race.Another reason is dirt racing will probably be more fun for the drivers.Worth a try because since they knocked down the banking at Bristol the race is not the same.
  5. And the entry list keeps growing!! Rails there is another big event Dec 11 and 12 at STS ,Modifieds ,Factory Stocks and 305 Sprints with big money!
  6. Just a couple more days and one of the biggest Sportmod events around will be here. Quite an impressive pre-registered list already (59 I think) with more to come this is not one you want to miss! Weather looks to be GREAT albeit a little chilly. Friday and Saturday look to be highs in the mid 60 range with race time temps in the low 50 high 40 range. BUT the wind is forecast to be BELOW 10mph! Can't get much better December weather than that! With the ultra competitive Factory Stocks in support this will be another awesome race weekend in South Texas ! And that's not all at STS!. More on that after this weekend. See South Texas Speedways Facebook or website(southtxspeedway.com) for more info! BE THERE!!!
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    All we can do is hope for the best. Hopefully Georgia will re elect Loeffler and Perdue. But I have my doubts about that.
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    Get used to saying President Harris by the end of 2021.
  9. Great post and well said. The best part was the local fast driver giving you the right help and the two teams helping as well. That speaks a lot about the people that participate in this great sport/hobby.
  10. It was a good one. You had to bring your big boy/girl britches to race the Factory Stocks and from what I saw all did! For a fan the format was awesome. Gave us 13 races on Friday and 19 on Saturday with the addition of the Modifieds.And just three classes! Now that is value to the fan and what makes dirt racing great. You need to go to the Jerry Whiteaker Memorial at South Texas Speedway. Last year was great and fun event and the Factory Stock if I remember right is three times the amount to win than last year! Being that STS is a faster ,wider track this could be the show of the year if the same cast is there that ran TRP!
  11. Wow what an event! First I loved the format. Fans get more bang for their buck as there were a ton of races to see each night. You get to see your favorite class many times over there weekend. All three classes put on a GREAT show. Sportmods ran their Feature Saturday night with no yellows. Job well done by that group. Kulhanek dominated most of the race but Whittington was closing fast. If we had five more laps would had been close. Lots of good battles going on behind the top two. Modifieds were off to a similar start until 3 yellows at the end. Race was dominated by Chris Morris who was never really challenged. Now the Factory Stock Main is best described as a heavy weight title fight. Collin Hodges , Daulton Faulkner, Jacob Wilborn, Donald Cain Jr. and the very impressive young Cameron Starry battle it out with position changes every lap it seemed until Starry got involved in a multi car pile up. Starry was strong all weekend and hung with the big boys all weekend. Not bad for 15 or so year old.The gloves started to come off as every restart got more physical. I was kinda hoping Wilburn would had won as it would had made a cool victory lane photo the way that car looked at the end. But Collin Hodges held of a HARD charging Dalton Faulkner for the win. I strongly advise if you don't have Race on Texas get it to see the replay off this event. The Factory Stock Main is worth the cost itself. I think the car count was 75 Factory Stocks , 42 Sportmods and 32 Modifieds or close to that.Results for both nights can be found at professionalmotorsportssolutions.com. Now it is onto the Jerry Whiteaker Memorial at South Texas Speedway Dec. 3,4 and 5 another event that should pull well over 100 cars in TWO classes.
  12. Tonight (Thursday) is practice for all classes and time trials for Factory Stocks. Friday and Sat night will be one to remember! Looks like the weather will be perfect.I see you better be ready to race when pulling onto the track as there will be no one lap to go. Solo spin in heat and 2 solos in feature and you are done.(I'm assuming spins that cause a yellow).
  13. One Week To Go!

    Yes , I was referring to the 105 post.
  14. This is going to be BIG!
  15. One Week To Go!

    https://www.facebook.com/texanaracewaypark/photos/a.1557550557827021/2831175433797854/ Yes. Friday and Saturday night.