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  1. Well they called it

    Prediction as of now looks good for the weekend. Hopefully it is enough time for enough to dry out.
  2. Well they called it

    Looks like hockey for me this weekend.
  3. Harvick Penalty after Texas

    Too much sponsor money to do a full DQ I guess. And with sponsors leaving NASCAR gotta keep their cars in a good light.
  4. A great thing for South Texas race fans is the two rookie promoters ,Mr. Whiteaker and Mr. Densman did a great job . Make you eager to see how much better their sophomore seasons are going to be. Mr. Doyon really grew I-37 in his second year , and I bet STS and TRP will too. Hats off to all three gentleman for their efforts and facing all the challenges that goes with running a race track. And special thanks to all the racers and their families for building and racing their cars for us. They all are some the best anywhere.
  5. Yes but he was right to move it to March. He wants the best track he can have for that event and being there has been so much rain on the track it probably couldn't be worked properly.
  6. Well , looks grim weatherwise for the 9th and 10th and the Shootout has been postponed until March 2019.
  7. Nothing wrong being "stuck" at I-37. They have done a great job all year making it a fun place to go.
  8. Aaron Hudgeons Memorial Race

    He looked good all night long. Good job in a great field of racers.
  9. What a night at Texana Raceway Park Nov 3! Outside of a way to wet 1 and 2 which delayed things by an hour once things got rolling it was well worth the wait. Many of the top Sportmod and Mod drivers in the state of Texas showed for this special event. If you missed this you missed a good one. But you get another three chances. South Texas Speedway is having a two night special for their Chase for the Championship format they use. This Friday and Saturday night Nov 9 and 10 ought to bring some intense racing between those involved in the Chase. Add to that those who want to win a feature could create a lot of excitement. Excitement ramps up Nov. 15,16 and 17 for the South Texas Shootout with HUGE payouts for Sportmods with $2000 to win on Thursday and Friday nights with the BIG $8900 to win on Saturday night. Additional info such as support classes and gate prices have not been released so check in daily on South Texas Speedway Facebook or southtxspeedway.com for further details. Man , talking about a lot of work racing five nights in 8 days ending with an event that could draw well over 100 cars.So South Texas Speedway will be the place to be the next two weekends for some great racing.
  10. That's what I heard . Think 2 more sportmods.
  11. Well messed up on prediction. 144 I think was the final tally !
  12. Well the South Texas racing season is winding but but what great events still to come. Texana Raceway Park is having their Aaron Hudgeons Memorial event tonight and this has long been a South Texas favorite. Looks like I would say over 100 cars for this event ( predicting 30 pure/factory stock , 30 Street Stock , 25 Sport Mods , 20 Mods and 15 Modlites) so this event is a can't miss and throw in one of the best burgers around you can't go wrong. Can't make Edna? I-37 is having their points season ender tonight as well. So pick one and get out to the race track. For me it is Edna but I-37 is a guaranteed good time as well.
  13. Nascar Martinsville

    Was it? I only watched the last 5 laps. One thing for sure. If Truex doesn't make the next round Logano has no chance of winning the Cup . Kenseth 2.0.
  14. This event is not to be missed. It never disappoints. And be sure to get a burger. They are awesome at TRP.
  15. Talladega

    Outside of the last restart I found it hard to stay awake for the rest of it.