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  1. Got to give Ms. Knowles and her staff a tip of the hat and a standing O for all she has done and continues to do keeping asphalt racing alive in this area. The most telling comment in this piece is having to travel 12 hours to the next asphalt track. Hopefully HMP will continue to grow.
  2. Hi Tech I heard some of the mid packers on back in Factory Stock are going to E-Mod. Gotta feeling that may become a trend until they jack with the E-Mod rules and make it more expensive.
  3. I would sneak out of work in Corpus at 5:30 instead of 6:00 so I could get to SAS in time. Did that for years. Saw a ton of great races and great drivers at that track.When I saw this post I didn't want to look but I'm glad I did as the memories of SAS came through my mind at warp speed.Sure glad I got to experience San Antonio Speedway !
  4. I-37 Speedway fresults 2/27-21

    Maybe the switches for ignition, fuel pump etc should be placed in the same location in all classes of cars so the safety crews know where they are and can turn off if possible. Thank God everyone involved is ok.
  5. Florida speedway official dies of heart attack in fight at New Smyrna track (news-journalonline.com)
  6. Well , there should be two drivers and their teams that will never get to race there again at the very least.
  7. Well , the best driver doesn't fit either category. But in terms of wins and top fives I would think Dalton Faulkner would be hard to beat.
  8. Mark Chrudimsky photo

    I was there that night. I think the said moon was aimed at Tommy Grimes (?) walking along pit lane.
  9. Mark Chrudimsky photo

    Now THAT is the definition of a crowd pleaser!
  10. Mark Chrudimsky photo

    His Daddy was pretty good too.
  11. Texana Raceway Park's 2021 schedule

    Yes. And the Clash is back as well. Great schedule!
  12. Yes , tons of memories at CCS. The first race I attended was there in 1956. I remember the top class the cars had no fenders front and rear.I remember the flathead Fords were the hot engine. It was not unusual to start 30 cars in a feature in some classes over the years. And how can you forget how rowdy the Australian Pursuits were! I think I'll run by there and see if they will let me get a chunk of race track asphalt. Dale Jr. needs to send a crew down for Lost Speedways before it is too late. You know Lucky Number Programs would be a cool thing to bring back to the tracks of today.
  13. This mans contribution to racing in Texas during his involvement is second to none. Rest in peace and thank you for all the memories his Series provided.
  14. 1224 cars entered! WOW! Maybe Bristol should stay dirt!
  15. STXR Night 2

    I wonder who is putting this show. Same group that put this last one on?