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  1. HMP results

    Thanks for the information. Mr. Callas is on a roll it seems.
  2. HMP results

    Tried this link and got a unsecured site warning. Can someone give a car count?
  3. Greg Davidson

    God give Greg strength to get through this. Damn , 2020 sucks.
  4. I-37 Speedway updates 9-12-20

    Front straight wrecks are the worst. Sad to hear about the destroyed cars but glad all seemed to be ok.
  5. I-37 Speedway updates 9-12-20

    Who was involved and why drivers upset?
  6. Wishing TSTRS a mega successful weekend! How many trucks entered?
  7. Championship Night Rescheduled Date

    It is now the 17th as of 9/9 on the STS website.
  8. The late arriving Chris Morris made it 199.
  9. Unfortunately

    Darn , that Sandoval luck going home with you , eh? Maybe you should have a priest bless the car every race night. Gotta try something at this point. But when that win comes, and it will , I bet it will be the sweetest win of all. Hang in there guys.
  10. 199 , yes, 199 car showed up at Texana Sunday night . When the skies looked threatening and major lightening nearby Milton Hope put the spell on the weather by telling the full house crowd not to look at the lightening then it would be like it never happened. Must had worked as the rest of the night stayed dry. Good job , Milton! Once again Factory Stocks led the way with right at 6 cars putting on quite a battle. Field was so strong and deep a lot of good cars didn't make the A. A tip of the cap to Chris Morris and crew driving in from Arizona to start in 14th working his way up to 2nd before being taken out with a few laps to go. Collin Hodges ran away with the Factory Stocks and fans witnessed the rarest of nights in that Daulton Faulkner had a terrible night though no fault of his own. And if there is a hotter Limited/ Modified driver in the area than Jared Mauoin I don't know who it is. After being released from the team he had been racing (and winning) for race morning Lawrence gave him his car to drive and Maupin dominated the field. Impressive! Tell you what. ALL race track promoters deserve a ton of credit but Mr. Owen Pittman is my vote for promoter of the year. 199 cars and done by around midnight pretty good. Show moved on as steady as it could. Concession worked their tail off handling the huge crowd very well. A special tip of the hat to them and all concession workers for that matter. Job well done Mr. Pittman and staff and especially to all the drivers and their race teams
  11. Unfortunately

    On to Texana.
  12. Well , poopy! STS rained out. But Edna still on and hopefully a bunch of STS cars will help the classes make the 24 car threshold. We know that Factory Stock will likely double that!
  13. Wow! Great weekend for the race fan! Saturday Sept 5 not only is it the points championship and regular season ender at South Texas Speedway in Corpus Christi a lot of extra $$$ has been put up. $1100 to win Sportmod and $825 to win Factory Stock. This will make what has been the most exciting racing even better! Meanwhile Texana in Edna on Sunday the 6th has what could be $1300 to win Factory Stocks and $1000 to win to any class bringing 24 or more cars! Add to that $1 Miller Lite. Fans need to go to one or both of these great tracks to see what these well run facilities have to offer especially if you have never been to either one. Both Mr. Whiteaker at South Texas Speedway and Mr. Pittman at Texana do a great job to give the fan some of the best racing and a fun filled night. Check out their Facebook pages often because there may be more $$$ added in the next day or two.
  14. I-37 Speedway updates 8/29/20

    I remember Fox dropping the green when the Mercedes (or Beamer) pace car still on the front straight!
  15. Texas Trucks $10,000 to Win TSTRS/HMP

    True. But for the money they are paying I hope they get at least a 35 per class average car count. If the Truck deal is $300 or so to start it should pull at least 50.