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  1. And dry weekends for all!
  2. And she is only 22! Seems like she is being brought along stage by stage and not rushed into it.
  3. I-37 Speedway announces 2020 schedule

    As per Facebook USMTS is on for the 28th and the $1000 to win Mod show scheduled for the 29th has been moved to March 7. Also the 28th practice is moved to 1-18.
  4. Looks like another fun season at I-37. Is sad to see Street Stock class fading away.
  5. Personally I don't care what NASCAR does. Just keep the great dirt tracks open and I am happy.
  6. Just curious, other than I-37 where is the nearest USRA sanctioned track? The great thing about this schedule there are only two same night dates , 5/16 and 6/27 for I-37 and STS. That is a good thing for those who want to run for national points and for the two tracks. The real winners could be the fans!
  7. novas

    But they may not be able to run at another USRA sanctioned track if they follow the rule book to the letter , correct?
  8. Good news! Possible buyer for Texana

    Awesome! It had to sell because of all the improvements that were done. First thing to do is keep that burger!
  9. Sport Mod Cheaters, Need more tech

    Man , the economy must be great because there seems to hundreds of them around just in Texas.
  10. Sport Mod Cheaters, Need more tech

    I heard the tech guy was from Dallas area and is known for thorough tech.
  11. Shootout didn't disappoint!

    You nailed it about how good these drivers are. Both classes. It was a great weekend for the fans.
  12. Wow! What a weekend of racing! Saturday night was unreal. Factory Stock was a no holds barred race ! Four cars battling rubbin and one may have thought wallin ending with a three wide turn 3, 4 and to the finish line. Folks were standing those last two laps. The sights and sounds of the sportmod race was equally exciting. Just listening to driver intros with IMCA Champions , track champions , winner $11,000 this race, $10,000 that race showed the quality of the field. And throw in a proposal to top it off! The 50 lap race was never dull which is why dirt racing is the best! No single line follow the leader for 90% of the race here! The drives of the night were Steve Whiteaker Jr. battling from the back to 4rth and Jason Ingalls doing the same all the way to 2nd! I suggest getting the Race on Texas replay and see for yourself how great this event was. Thank you Steve Whiteaker Jr. and your staff for putting on this FIRST CLASS show! And a special thanks to all the races teams who traveled hundreds of miles one way to race. Fans, start making your plans for 2020!
  13. One more night!

    Beautiful day for a drive to South Texas Speedway if you are 125 miles in. Come on down and see some "big boy" racing! BTW the main event will be 50 laps!