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  1. SUS Winged Sprint Cars @ Texana Raceway

    Coming up from Corpus for this one. And yes the burger is another good reason!
  2. Truck Confiscated

    They said on the race there was an issue with the rear firewall.
  3. Californicating Texas. Of course Austin is first with allowing the homeless to camp out on sidewalks unless the Governor can stop it.
  4. South Texas Speedway

    South Texas Speedway has done an outstanding job this year on track prep and moving the show along. If I leave right after the races I'm home before 11PM . Now I know car counts haven't been the best except for sportmods. But I have found out 14 good Pure Stock/Factory Stock(or pick your class) can put on just as good a show as 24 and usually quicker , fewer yellows and a lot less carnage.
  5. OK, soap box time again

    Oh boy I'm gonna get heat on this one but I see where Tim is coming from. Where sprint cars are involved I would have never stood on the catwalk at HOT. For that matter I would never stand along the turns at any track. Over the many years of spectating I've seen injuries to serious injuries to people watching from the turns wherever the pits were located.NO ONE should be allowed to watch from turn walls especially standing. As for the catwalk at HOT or similar stands at other tracks no one should be allowed to watch from there when sprint cars are racing . We all know the heights the car and their parts can achieve in an accident .As for the spectator side of things the catch fence should be slightly angled towards the track. When you said race cars/parts I assumed you were talking about sprint cars. My comments are pretty much based on them.
  6. June 22 race results @ Texana Raceway

    Sportmod counts seem to be down a lot of places except STS.
  7. OK, soap box time again

    I guess first thing is don't have a catwalk / seating that doesn't have a fence in front of it.
  8. Video of incident can be found at blogginisracin.com.
  9. impending Management Change with T-STARS

    I nominate toyotatim for post of the year! I hope this works out for the asphalt folks. From what I have read from and about Mr. Bush on LSSZ over the years he looks to be the man for the job. I am interested to see what format changes are coming about. Just might be enough to check it out one Sat. night. Best of luck to you Mr. Bush and staff.
  10. Agreed on the food at Texana. I wait to eat there also especially that burger!! I-37 is pretty good as well. Oh , I neglected to say how good Mr. Sandoval did last week. Good run!
  11. 4 Wide

    That's good. Hopefully they can keep it up.
  12. 4 Wide

    Was the four wide only on restarts?
  13. Yes he does. His reports were the reason I first visited Kennedale.
  14. Official Race Results - May 25

    Yes Hi-Tech , well put.
  15. Official Race Results - May 25

    The 8c was DQ in factory stock. Too bad , good running car.