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  1. Well darn. It sure has been a fun ride . Thank you Mr. Holt for supplying us a source to use that was so informative and fun. Going to leave quite a void. Thanks for the memories !
  2. AOC Auto Parts/ASCS Night 2

    Turn 5 has DP ! Awesome!
  3. 2018 South Texas Shootout

    As a fan I'm glad the three tracks are doing so well. STS is doing just fine without the ones who choose not to run there. Most of those are sportmods and STS has been averaging about 18 without them and still has the best sportmod class top to bottom. Not saying TRP or I-37 are not good because theirs are great too. And STS stands have been pretty full all season so I don't see the defectors are having any effect. As for STS scheduling opposite of TRP , I think that would revitalize the street stock class for STS. And me thinks I-37 would continue to be opposite of STS. Bottom line is if you take care of the racers that do come to your track and build from there it doesn't matter what the other ones do. All three are doing this and it shows in their car counts and butts in their stands. You have two promoters in their first year and the other in their second year. The success they are having tells me they are doing a great job. STS had two big payouts for Pure Stocks and Sportmods and the South Texas Shootout looks to be the biggest event in South Texas Speedway history. So if racers choose not to support for whatever reason I guess it is their loss. Besides there will be those that will and it will grow from there. So this fan says THANK YOU!! to Mr. Dinsman , Mr. Doyon and especially Mr. Whiteaker for a job well done!
  4. Hats off to the South Texas Speedway crew ! Track was more racy than it has been resulting in a lot of three wide racing and passing. Big crowd was on hand to enjoy great racing from all the classes , the excitement of Sprint Cars and the biggest 50/50 payout I can remember , $850 or close to it. Hats off to the fans for donating close to $500 to the sportmod driver who took a rough flip. So if you are looking for something fun and exciting to do head out to South Texas Speedway tomorrow night !
  5. Texana Raceway Park cancels Sept 1

    May his recovery be quick and complete.
  6. Bristol

    I hope HMP makes it and thrives . And I hope the three tracks in my neck of the woods continue to be successful. And hopefully NASCAR will make a comeback. toyotatim is right abouts fans watching the race and not the stands. Problem is television execs and sponsors look at ratings and what is in the stands. I-37 , Texana and especially South Texas Speedway have strong sponsors , pretty full to full stands every race date. It is because they offer a good product and a fan friendly atmosphere. I haven't been to a NASCAR race so don't know about the atmosphere but the product is trending the right way. More short tracks on the schedule is , I think , the key. The fans want it and the drivers want it. NASCAR has to make it happen.
  7. 2018 South Texas Shootout

    Put me down for a three day pass if one comes about !
  8. 2018 South Texas Shootout

    WOWZA !!! This is huge ! Really like the IMCA rules . That should open the door to a ton of cars. I would say well over 100 ! Thank you Steve Whiteaker Jr. and South Texas Speedway !
  9. Watkins Glen

    Gonna beat toyotatim to this one. Watkins Glen has always been one of the best races on the schedule. This one was a damn good one. Actually watched 60% of this one and it held my attention. As toyotatim has said the racing has been better this year. Still has a way to go but the on track product is better. Most of us have been saying France Jr. has been most of the problem. With his current legal problems he may be out of the picture.It seems the NASCAR on track product is trending the right way. It may be as simple as taking a few races from the 1 1/2 mile snoozefest tracks that have two dates and give one of those dates to short/dirt tracks. Back to the roots.Anyway just had to say Watkins Glen gets a A+ from me.
  10. South Texas Speedway already has the best Sportmod class in South Texas so add to that not only $2000 to win it is $1000 for 2nd ,$750 to third , $400 to fourth and $250 for fifth. Hats off to STS for spreading the wealth ! This should bring other top Sportsmods in addition to the aforementioned best STS Sportmods. Throw it the other competitive classes and karts you have a can't miss, must see show! DON'T MISS IT !!!
  11. Nascar does it agian

    Gotta love your passion . Keep watching. They need you. http://www.sportsmediawatch.com/2018/07/nascar-tv-ratings-pocono-nbcsn/
  12. http://www.texanaraceway.com/race-results/
  13. A tip of the hat to the top 5 in both Pure and Street Stocks. Two and three wide battles the whole race and the best part no to minimal contact . Good job to all involved. A tip of the hat and a bow to Jared Maupin in the BD1 Pure Stock. Lots of bold moves with no contact. Sportmod was also good. Late Models and Mod-Lites…..Good fun night.
  14. Sames Ford Back To School Bash Saturday August 4th

    Awesome! This should bring a lot of Sportmods !