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  1. What an incredible night of racing ! 143 cars in the pits highlighted an announced 33 Sportmods and 55 . yes 55 , Factory Stocks. And they delivered. The story of the night has to be Dalton Faulkner. After being rained out in Louisiana he hauls to Edna having a blowout on the way. Misses his heat and starts 14th in the B-Main and not only qualifies but wins! Promoter Owen Pittman put up an extra $500 if Faulkner could come from the B and win the A Main. Starting 19th in a class field of Factory Stocks the crowds cheers him on as he carves through the field sometimes passing two cars at one time and using the yellows finishes 2nd by inches. It was quite a drive to witness. The atmosphere and racing that has been at Texana Raceway Park not only this event but this season so far has been exceptional. Large car counts and great racing every event. Hats off to whoever prepped the track for this event . It was fast and got racier as the night went on. Bravo to Mr. Pittman and his staff. A special tip of the hat to the concession people. They did a great job of handling one of the biggest crowds I have seen there. Thanks to every race team who put on a great show!
  2. has nay one noticed

    I agree the racing at the three tracks has been great. And yes I did notice many new folks in the stands. The good thing is that night at STS had some of the best racing I've seen in some time plus the extra stuff that happened. So hats off and thank you to Steven Whiteaker- STS , Ray Doyon-I-37 , Owen Pittman-TRP and their staffs for all the hard work and effort you have put in for the race teams and the fans.
  3. It is the rhetoric of people like Jemele Hill that stoke the fires. I don't doubt there is racism out there but not as pervasive as these folks make it. https://www.breitbart.com/sports/2020/06/24/jemele-hill-refuses-apologize-besmirching-nascar-fans-it-was-a-noose/
  4. TSTRS/NASCAR Season Opener @HMP

  5. H&V Equipment Night

    Yes , we have seen quite a few hellacious hits in sport/e-mods and the drivers walk away. Speaks well of all the different manufactures on how well these cars are made. And yes all race teams should spend that extra dollars on safety especially on seats and driver gear.
  6. And the real fan big winner was the guy who won $648 or so 50/50 prize! I'm still pumped about last night. Felt like I should pay again on the way out it was so good! And it is so good to see the three South Texas tracks have had over or near 100 cars per race so far. Awesome!
  7. Wow! What a night! This had everything race fans could had wanted. Usually heat races can be less than exciting at times. Not tonight! Helmet toss, retaliation , driver restraint and some great 3 , sometimes 4 wide racing , hard core racing and close finishes ruled the night . Really good to see Pete Arce , Mr. Hard Luck , get a hard fought and a well earned feature win. But to me the drive of night belonged to young Ben Mikulencak battling Kyle Carter for several laps then having to deal with the always tough Dalton Faulkner the last 6 laps and throw in 3 restarts in last 6 laps to make it tougher. Awesome drive! The real fun was watching the intense racing lap after lap from the mid pack group in both the sportmod and factory stocks. Sometimes the best racing can be found here and it surely was this night. Hats off and thank you to all 123 or so racers that showed up that made this one of the best nights of racing I've seen in a long time. Great job STS staff as well.
  8. Everything is political now and has been for sometime now. The bad thing now is if you don't go along with the narrative you face vicious attacks. Drew Brees comes to mind. And the right is supposed to be the intolerant side. Not even Gone With The Wind is safe.
  9. I wonder if that purple 27 shows up or stays home to give others a chance!!
  10. Great time to be a USRA Factory Stock racer in South Texas! First I-37 with $1000 to win, then Texana which started out to be $750 to win and ending up to be $1500 and now South Texas Speedway started at $1000 and now $1500. First two had + or - 40 cars . STS should have the same. Oh yes E-Mods have an extra $100 to win too.So make it out to one of the fastest dirt tracks around Saturday night in Corpus Christi and enjoy the great weather and racing action.
  11. Great racing at Texana!

    No wasted time at TRP. I forgot to give a tip of the hat to all the racers as well. They did a great job of getting going after a spin and there were very few yellows in each class.
  12. Great night of racing at Texana Raceway ! Another 100+ car count , top drivers and a well run program made for a fun night. Event started on time , cars were lined up and ready to go as soon as previous race was over and no quick yellows made for a fast night in spite of a 30 minute or so rain delay. A tip of the hat to the wrecker crews for removing disabled cars quick all night. Now that I have made all three South Texas tracks we South Texas fans have got three fun tracks to go to. Each one has its own special atmosphere that is fan friendly. So check one these tracks out as well when your home track isn't running and take advantage of some great racing at South Texas Speedway , I-37 Speedway and Texana Raceway. You won't be disappointed!
  13. Bristol

    This has nothing to do with Bristol but I found it kinda surprising https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nascar-auto-racing/article242915946.html
  14. Results from 5-25-20 Texana?

    Found them.
  15. Results from 5-25-20 Texana?

    Where can I find the results from CBS?