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  1. NA$CAR Listening to its fans?....Say it ain't so

    The only NASCAR events I watch are Daytona, Talladega and Eldora with Eldora the only only one I'll watch start to finish. And some Truck races if I think about them.
  2. NA$CAR Listening to its fans?....Say it ain't so

    Much more work to do. I was shocked how empty Bristol was . Used to be a year waiting list for that track now they have to discount tickets. I think it shows how much a draw Dale Jr. was. And Danica lol.
  3. 22 Emod For Sale

    This is a front running car.
  4. Pictures

    From STS Facebook ....... Contact Michael Massey Photography on Facebook to place orders athttps://www.facebook.com/MichaelMasseyPhotographer/
  5. A big crowd and good car count led to some great feature racing! Each race had it's moments with the best coming from the E-Mods , Sportmods and Street Stock. First tip of the hat goes to whoever (I'm assuming Mr. Whiteaker Jr.) for the tire placement. Made the middle and high sections of the track racier and made for more side by side racing and some 3 wide racing .Big improvement over last week at least from the fan point of view. A double tip of the hat goes to all the Texana Raceway Park Street Stocks .Good looking fast cars with good drivers. Even saw a 4 wide coming out of two once !Thank you guys for coming. Bowen , Oakes and Whitmire separated themselves from the field but there was some intense racing behind them. Thank you to the STS crew and the racers for a fun night!
  6. I-37 results, 4/7/2018

    That is very true and the count stays close to that all season. On my trips to I-37 last season they were usually one of the better features of the night. A good set of rules has a lot to do with its success as is I-37 coming along at the right time. A tip of the hat to the Sport Compact racers and I-37 Speedway !
  7. I-37 results, 4/7/2018

    Wow! 100+ cars again ! Looks like a new big dog in South Texas!
  8. Which based on opening night would only affect Sportmods. If TRP can get a majority of SOS Sportmods and maybe a few from I-37 they will be fine. They are already set in the other classes.
  9. Line ups

    thank you for quick reply.
  10. Well the only other way was to run on Friday night. And that is not an option for TRP. It is better for TRP to be the same as STS. More cars from STS go to I37 than TRP. I Know almost half the Sportmods at TRP 's opening were STS cars. But not for the other classes. So TRP only has one way to go in Sportmod.
  11. Line ups

    Will STS be using the IMCA line up system this season?
  12. Wow! Texana on a roll ! Now a $25,000 points fund! Way to go TRP !
  13. South Texas Speedway , I-37 Speedway and Texana Raceway Park have completed their opening nights and one sure thing race fans are the big winners. All three had big nights at the gate and on the track. Texana had the best Street Stock race . South Texas Speedway the best Sportmods and I-37 Speedway the best overall show. TRP won the best customer experience IMO with the best concession stand (best burger and homemade chili to name 2)where credit/debit cards were accepted as well at the front gate. Add to that the T-Shirt or cap drawing from your admission ticket and a chance to win $25 from the driver signed Frisbee giveaway. Another nice touch was giving their half of the 50/50 drawing to a local charity. I-37 won the car count (100 cars in 6 classes) and some good racing.The announce team of Milton Hope and Owen Pittman adds to the fun. At the rate I-37 is going they are going to have to upgrade to some bigger grandstands soon! South Texas Speedway offers the fastest track and comfortable seating and the Turn 5 bar with AC to get out of the heat that will be on us soon. STS has hands down the best top to bottom Sportmod class around. Intense racing throughout the pack and little seperation. It is worth it just to see them. The support classes are a bonus. So race fans if you are near any of these race tracks when they are racing stop in and see some fun , great racing. We need to support these promoters. STS and TRP have first year promoters that have put in a lot of work and money into their tracks. I37 is in their second year where their promoters resurrected a track that had been closed for 5 years or so . An enormous amount of work and investment was put in and they continue to add on this season to make it the successful place it is today. When visiting be sure to look up and thank Kenny Densman at TRP , Ray Doyon at I-37 and Steve Whiteaker Jr. at STS for stepping up and providing great entertainment for we fans to enjoy. Not to be left out are all the great racers and their families that race at these tracks. Gonna be a great 2018!
  14. Weather

    I drove out there Thursday and looked all around for a big mud hole mess and couldn't find it. Oughtta be good racing tomorrow night. Can't wait!
  15. Opening night #3

    Very true. Like you say the best part is the recycling of old sportmods.