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  1. I thought I was watching Bowman - Grey ! Great car counts though!
  2. What if stock cars were stock cars?

    Charger , Street , Pro Mod , Trucks .Sports Compact . Run heat races and no more than 5 classes. If you want to run more classes then drop a class for every new one you run that night.The class you drop would be the ones with the lowest car count at that time. Promod should only be dropped for Pro-Late Model. Another would be to run at least twice a month. Speaking as a fan that would be a format that would interest me.
  3. Speaking from a fan perspective I started going to the races at CC Speedway starting in 1957 , then San Antonio Speedway in 1979 , occasionally Longhorn and CC Speedway mid 80's on. The racing on the asphalt during that time was great. Lots of side by side , passing and excitement at SAS. To date I haven't heard a sweeter sound than the first lap with the sound of the engines bouncing off the back straight wall. CC Speedway had the kind of bullring racing that was fun to watch and some really great drivers went through there. Some of the best racing I've ever seen were the bomber/pure stock racing in the Wesley Black and Bobby Jack era. All the racers in that period could race THREE wide on that little track ! Very impressive. Longhorn was pretty much a single groove track but the chrome horn use made it another fun place. I think South Texas Speedway opened around 1995 so I was going back and forth between it and CCS. Have to say I wasn't too into dirt at that time because the racing at CCS during the Owen Pittman era was too good to miss. I started getting into dirt when Larry Butcher was running the track. Fell in love with dirt late models and the great drivers they had in that class.Street stocks were great too. Then the three asphalt tracks started losing car count and started closing off and on. Tried Thunderhill a few times but found it very boring compared to what I was used to watching.Rio Grande Speedway I fell in love with when they had the Modifield Nationals then Owen took over STS and dirt has been king with me. Great car counts. hard side by side racing and a lot of three wide racing and it has been dirt for me ever since. The only way I would go to an asphalt race the track would have to be multi groove. How you do that on asphalt I don't know. But as I mentioned before the three tracks I mentioned were really racey so it can be done. Maybe after the bridge is built CCS could be repaved and reopened to what it was in the Owen era. Maybe new tracks could be built to the same specs of Longhorn, SAS and Pan American . It was successful once maybe again.
  4. The key statement was the crew got better every week. I was there opening night and there were challenges as there will be with a reopening like that. I was at the next to last race and they looked like they been at it for years. I was at a lot of races in between and you could see improvement every week. And the biggest indicator of things going right was the big car counts they had . Looking forward to many more visits to I-37 in 218. Congratulations for a job well done by the crew and racers of I-37 in 2017.
  5. I humbly apologize. Please excuse my cranial flatulence.

    I hope this takes off. STXSSS proves it can be done. Best of luck to the Series and I plan on making the Texana events.
  7. Memories of San Antonio Speedway

    I was there , saw it all. I think that was the biggest crowd in SAS history to boot! The fire extinguisher and its aftermath was a special moment as well. As was the topless girl in the drag strip pit area.
  8. Memories of San Antonio Speedway

    I know Greg Davidson sailed off turn 3 and bounced off a car or two. I have a picture somewhere of Eddie Bierswalle (know spelling cant be right) Late Model resting upside down on top of a MG.Was there when Joe Aramendia took flight between 1 and 2. Called in life flight helicopter which was the coolest thing. Aramendia was ok copter left without him. Man I miss that place!
  9. Prayers for Greg Davidson

    Ditto to what Mr. Upchurch said. I can say my best memories of asphalt Late Model racing #96 is in all of them. Best wishes and a speedy recovery to Mr. Davidson.
  10. Winter Go Kart Series schedule

    Well now , welcome and may the future be bright for L-87 Speedway!
  11. By the way I am not plugging the Jimmy V Foundation or asking you to donate. It was the meat of the speech I wanted to share.
  12. South Texas race fans got to see some great racing at the three South Texas tracks. In the spirit of the season I am thankful for Tony Blankenship and staff and Ray Doyon and staff for their incredible effort to reopen Texana Raceway Park and I-37 Speedway. I am thankful for Ken Hobbs and staff for all the great events put on at South Texas Speedway. I am thankful for Kenny Densman with Texana and Steven Whiteaker Jr. with South Texas Speedway for stepping up for 2018.I am really thankful for each and every racer and their families for building and racing cars for our enjoyment. Your efforts and hard work are appreciated. Unfortunately , some in the racing family along with their neighbors faced some devastating events in the form of Harvey, Sutherland Springs and accidents.May God bless all of you and give you the strength to carry on. Especially may God Bless all the first responders,law enforcement , fire and rescue and regular citizens who spent hours in their own boats rescuing total strangers from flood waters , those who spent and continue to spend many hours helping clean up and help the folks in Port Aransas , Rockport and other towns affected.And God bless the folks of Sutherland Springs and those helping with that. So Happy Thanksgiving to all and if I may offer this video to those who may be struggling.........