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  1. I-37 Speedway updates 7/14/18

    Interesting night as the track was very challenging . I hope Patrick Kelly is feeling better as that was a tough roll . Same goes to Howie Marcz as having a car fall out of the air on top of had to be an experience. This track gets more fun each time I go. Poker night , all the giveaways and the atmosphere makes this a most fan friendly track! My pick for driver of the night goes to Jared Maupin. Ran strong in the Sportmod (only the 2nd race in a Sportmod) and drove a smart, patient race in Pure Stock going from 10th to 2nd.
  2. memory

    Well if becoming a seasoned citizen has one benefit it is the treasure trove of memories we have collected. I love seeing posts like this as it kickstarts the ol memory motor and takes me to a happy place for awhile. Frank Hoch was definitely one of a kind. He could also roll that cigar from one end of his mouth to the other not stop. Some of my favorite SAS memories was the fire extinguisher toss , the "moon" a night the stands were packed and the big trucks from Mexico night.
  3. Daytona

    Well, at least it beat baseball.....http://www.espn.com/jayski/cup/2018/story/_/id/24050773/daytona-tv-ratings
  4. Poker Night at I-37 Speedway 7-14-18

    If you haven't gone to I-37 yet this would be a great time to check it out. Big car counts, great racing and fun announcing make I-37 a fan friendly place to be. Good souvenir booth and concession as well.
  5. Daytona

    I was reminded of the Tony Stewart interview after a Talladega race when he apologized to the fans for having cars running at the end.
  6. Wow! They had 33 Pure Stocks last race, For $777 could be more!
  7. Nascar

    Well it does look like Chicago was a bright spot for NASCAR http://www.espn.com/jayski/pages/story/_/id/22408275/nascar-2018-tv-ratings
  8. I-37 Speedway updates 6-30-18

    I don't want to imply I've had a bad experience at a race track. I can honestly say I never have. All the tracks I've been to are fan friendly. Some just do it a little better than others.
  9. I-37 Speedway updates 6-30-18

    From the fan side they provide a fun atmosphere. The announcing is always entertaining, the meet and greets are cool for the fans,concession is good and the racing is always entertaining. You can tell the track officials put a lot of thought into making their fans happy.
  10. I-37 Speedway updates 6-30-18

    Great racing too , Nick! One of the best times I've had at the track in some time. For those who haven't been to I-37 make plans to get here! You will not be disappointed!
  11. General Rules Question

    That it was.
  12. General Rules Question

    Could it be rules package? Texana has no problem fielding quality Street Stocks. I-37 is tailing off some and STS they are non existent. Maybe we should be looking at what Texana is doing. That and the rapid growth of Factory Stocks.
  13. Hats off to the number 8 as well. There were several times where he could force his way by but chose to race straight up instead. As a fan this is more exciting to see than shoving or body slamming their way through. Thank you Mr. Danielson.
  14. And it wasn't a start on the pole and cruise to a straightaway lead win. It was a hard fought 20 laps of pressure win which makes it even more impressive.
  15. SAS site of Electrathon Competition

    That is strange in a city of that size.