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  1. yes it was.I wish we had the same track we had Friday night from this fans standpoint. I guess the wind had a lot to do with that. HiTech it is heartwarming to see how the racing family reacts when one of their own has something happen. I think it was $2200 for Ryan and 11 or 1400 for Fox. Haven't heard what was raised for Workman. Excited to see what 2018 holds with the new promoter. I understand USMTS returning to STS is just the beginning.
  2. News

    Or WoO is leasing the track themselves.
  3. DQ for 1st and 2nd I see. Gonna guess rear %?
  4. South Texas Shootout

    Well , here we go. The second round of heat races were WAY more physical than the first so tonight there may be some hurt feelings along with bent sheet metal! Good time to come on down and check it out!
  5. Practice night

    Went to practice for awhile and a lot of good cars already there. Big shout out to Mr. Stacy for terrific track prep.Track was smooth and fast. Cars were using different areas and I didn't see a car bouncing around anywhere. Outta make for a great weekend!
  6. I checked out practice last night and a large car count for a practice with several out of town cars already hear. I would guess 40 cars even split between Pure Stock and Sportmods. So this looks to be a pretty big show! And the racing surface hasn't looked this good in some time. So head on out to South Texas Speedway tonight and tomorrow night. Weather should be great with a cool front coming in dry about race time.Outta be great!
  7. South Texas 7th Annual Shootout

    Must be hard to get all the info on the flyer. I know Friday night is just 2 sets of heat races. If there are 30 cars in each class will there be 2 sets of heats with 15 cars in each heat or if 40 cars 20 in each heat/ or will it be something like 30 cars 3 heats x 2 and 4 heats x 2? And how much for seniors / military ?
  8. good luck

    where is your aunt located
  9. good luck

    I didn't see any either. I say get there at 6 the bar should be open .
  10. good luck

    7 is the normal time
  11. Two dates for STLMS ! I know where I will be those two nights!
  12. Nascar

  13. good luck

    As of now high of 84 Friday with a low of 64. Cool front overnight with what they called a thin line of showers then clear and sunny Sat with a high of 79 low of 50. So come on down! Should be a lot of Pure Stocks for sure.Hopefully Sportmods will be like it used to be now they are using IMCA rules with exception of headers.
  14. Nascar

    Hi-Tech I didn't like the Chase deal at the local level either.
  15. Nascar

    http://www.sportsmediawatch.com/2017/11/nascar-tv-ratings-cable-texas-nbcsn/ ......... or this http://www.sportsmediawatch.com/tag/nascar-ratings/ ...... not on television. To be fair there has been a lot of cable cutting going on and the network races did pretty well. Of course that was mainly due to Daytona and Talladega still being somewhat more exciting. All the stage racing did was get viewers to wait to stage three to watch.But it was a step in the right direction.Keep stage racing and dump the Chase might be better way to go. Shorten most of the races would cut down on boring stretches. Sponsors are going to put their money wherever viewership is strong and arenas are filled. As NASCAR sponsor contracts run out renewals will be harder to come by.But above all for NASCAR to get better Brian France has to go much like Goodell has to go in the NFL.