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HMP Results


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1 #97 Ray Drews

2 #00 Kristin Bumbera

3 #38 Chris Lendo



1 #8 Brandon Bendele

2 #99 Casey Smith

3 #14 Heath Stewart

4 #41 Chris Davidson


Brandon lead from the start & never lost the lead. Casey got close with about 45 laps to go, but could never get past Brandon.


USRA Trucks

1 #18 Bud Carroll

2 #28 Shawn Paul Lehman

3 #09 Josh Cheek

4 #22 Shane Harris



1 #7 Chris Schild - 2005 Champ & New Qualifying Track Record (14.725)

2 #53 Ryan Engelhart

3 #9 Tommy Gural

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Dude, I hope you're feeling better, bro..half the staff at the newspaper I work at was sick this week...


What a great night of racing at HMP!!!

Super racing on-track by EVERYONE...

Houston Late Models---Kristin came so close, got a re-start but couldn't overtake Drews...Kristin, by the way, did that "racer" thing..I had a 7-yr. old little girl (Britney) who was awed by Kristin's driving and said, "Boy, I'd love to meet her." AFter the HMP LM race, the Bumbera race team was in the stands..I went up to Kristin and asked her to visit with Britney...Kristin NOT ONLY visited with Britney then, but after the races were over..thanks, Kristin, nice job... :D


USRA...Super show by both the SLM and Trucks...Congrats to Brandon, kudos to Casey for a strong finish..



TSRS--People have been a little down on TSRS after SAS but man, you saw a well-driven on-track race..great battles, it was obvious Joe A. and Chris S. had the fastest cars but 3rd-thru 7th was bumper-to-bumper most of the race.. and, one thing not a lot of people saw--as Ryan E. and JP battled for position, Ryan E. had a few chances to put a bump-and-run on JP, but he didn't--GREAT SPORTSMANSHIP!


Great job by all Teams, drivers, fans, and Houston Motorsports Park officials last night...also, the entire TSRS staff, including the "much-maligned" Pat Mayberry (Mr. Too Much Info).. :lol::lol:


Now...if only Mary Ann could find a "real" announcer... :P:oB)

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Who got the pole?

Brandon Bendele with a 13.867-second timing in USRA SLM. JC Unscheid was second-fastest with a 13.897-second lap.


The whole SLM field was only 0.534-seconds apart from each other (if you remove the #81 car's15.610-second lap - he broke on the qualifying lap) while the top 10 SLMs were only 0.2 seconds apart.


USRA ARTS Truck driver and last week's winner at the Spectacular, Steve Green, set the pace for the trucks with a 15.631-second clocking. Shawn Paul Lehman was second at 15.868 seconds.


The top ten trucks were all within 0.9 seconds.


Nick Holt

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It was great night at the track. HMP put on a GREAT and everything moved really quickly the entire night. I know we at HMP have been working really hard to speed up our show by bringing spotters on-top of the tower to better communicate to the drivers in the classes that use spotters. All of which have adapted greatly to the new format and are very easy to work with. Legends and Bandeleros have the raceceivers and have fallen under HMP race control's and not a series representive. The addition of Chuck as Race Director has really brought HMP up in my opinon. Our corner workers have been AMAZING the last three races. David Baker, Jessie, Eddie, Junior, Terrance, Barry (whose been doing some Timing and Scoring)everyone else in the infield are amazing and continue to get better and better. Last nights clean-up efforts, and a clean track the entire night are just proof of that. I know they caught some grief after one of the TSRS dates earlier in the year, but they're really an awsome crew. I consider it a privlidge to work with those guys on Saturday night. and how about our new flagman Justin? He's young, so young I won't tell ya but he never misses a beat! I will say that he's younger than I was last year when I started, but age has representation of his ability.


I want to extend a special thanks to Terry Dickerson and Wayne Norell for bringing a great show and crew. It was a pleasure to work for those guys last night, as always! Nick Holt and Wayne Norell do a great job of running the USRA shows.


TSRS and Mary Ann Naumanns crew were absolutly on the ball the entire day! even though we started a small field it was definitly TSRS cream of the crop! I was prepared to be woring hard all night long but it was great to only have to throw 3 cautions all of which were relatively short and for solo spins or debris. thanks for all the attention Mr. Licata ;)


Again thanks to all the racers last night for your GREAT shows, and thanks to all the touring series for allowing me to work with them. It was a GREAT pleasure indeed.


John Austin

HMP Chief Starter / Assitant Race Director


(my post is independent of Houston Motorsports Park just in case anyone has a problem with anything I said. So see me, not the bakers)

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Great night for the Bumbera's Performance "Fantastic 4" in the Houston Motorsports Park Late Model Division.


Matt Smith #02 won "The 2005 Rookie of Year Award", Chris Lendo #38 won "The 2005 Most Improved Driver Award", Ed Mann #47 had a great night running right there with the fastest cars in both the HMP Late Models and USRA Supers last night. Kristin Bumbera #00 finished the season off with a 2nd place finish ON THE BUMPER of #97 and a 3rd place finish in the points race!


That makes 3 Rookie of the Year titles in a row for the Bumbera crew. Looks like the New Driver Development Program is working!

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Here you go rona. I dont think Nick is the one that does points.


20 points seperate Heath and Brandon. If Brandon gets the pole and wins both twin 75's at SAS, Heath needs to have atleast a 3rd in the two races to win the championship. If Brandon gets the pole and wins both races and heat finishes 3rd and 4th in the two races then they will be tied.


1. 14 Heath Stewart, 894

2. 81 Brandon Bendele, 874

3. 13 T. Wade Welch, 872

4. 22 Tommy Grimes, 825

5. 04 Cory Roper, 732

6. 7 Tuffy Hudson, 705

7. 29 Thad Felton, 705

8. 54 Todd McLemore, 689

9. 52 JC Umscheid, 668

10. 41 Chris Davidson, 584

11. 5 Eddy Wallace, 578

12. 49 Bradley Riethmeyer, 571

13. 51 Michael Crofford, 563

14. 96 Greg Davidson, 549

15. 27 Jason Young, 522

16. 99 Casey Smith, 519

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Had to correct Heath's point totals. Gave him 3 extra points. Guess I failed math somewhere along the way. :lol: Oh yea these are unofficial points so don't freak if my numbers aren't right. They are for entertainment purposes only.... :rolleyes:

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