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Just watched the news on KENS and it looks like Tony George and a local company are under negotiations to run a road course race using the old San Antonio Grand Prix downtown course... They are also in talks to build a sports complex near the SBC center that would include a pro football stadium, pro baseball stadium and possibly a NASCAR track.... It was said there should be an announcement on the race in approx 10days and 60 days on the sports complex... I could have got those two switched...Just hope it works out... I think the groups name was the Holly Hills Group and it is run by an ex CBS Sports Boss...

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One News release...


Possible Grand Prix Race May Rev Up Sports Complex


POSTED: 2:00 pm CDT October 27, 2005

UPDATED: 3:08 pm CDT October 27, 2005


SAN ANTONIO -- City and county leaders met Thursday with officials of the Indy Racing League and an investment group to discuss the possibility of Grand Prix racing returning to San Antonio.


Although details are still being worked out, an official announcement may be made in the next 30 to 60 days.


A Grand Prix-style race was last held in the Alamo City in the early 1990s.


"We had a great meeting this morning about some exiciting possibilities for San Antonio," said Tony George, of IRL Racing. "We think that the people who have sort of been putting the thought behind this event here have done a very good job, and create at least a very interesting scenario that we believe could work. And we would be very interested in being a part of. "


But the bigger news is that the race may rev up plans to build a huge professional sports complex that would include a Grand Prix-style IRL track and a professional football and professional baseball stadium, a local spokesman said.


The group Holly Hills Investors is considering purchasing a large amount of land near the SBC Center that would house the complex, the spokesman said.


The sports complex would be built with private money and no public funding would be involved.


Officials hope the complex would lure a professional football and baseball team to the Alamo City.


"I've been in a lot of cities in my executive positions, especially in racing, and I have yet to see anyone equal the hospitality this city has," said Joe Heitzler, of Holly Hills Investors.

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That world wide new racing series A1GP met with SA officials earlier this year and talked about having a race but it never materialized. To bad it isn't CART that wants to come here. They seem to be a little more stable than IRL now.



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Officials hope the complex would lure a professional football and baseball team to the Alamo City

When the Saints were playing to an Alamodome record attendance, Does anyone care to guess what the opening sports story was on all the local TV stations?




If you guessed the Dallas Cowboys, you were right. With that kind of support, I'm amazed the Missions (A Professional Baseball team, BTW) haven't left town....

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i would much rather have a mediocre football team in s.a. than a championship basketball team. just my opinion though. i hate the cowboys and the texans might as well be a junior high football team, just want a texas football team to root for.


A possible reason the missions dont get a lot of support is that their stadium is way over on the southwest side, maybe if they moved it to a more central location they would get more attendance.

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I guess it all depends on the demographics. The Spurs have drawn pretty well even in low years. When the threat of New Orleans (how ironic is that now) mad a push to get the Spurs moved, the fans as well as the city stood up and didn't let it happen.

Up here, the Round Rock Express just kill with their attendence and they are out a ways, even though it is Round Rock which is doing well.

The NBA developmental league tips off in Austin within the month and I don't really think that is going to draw even what the Arena Football team does percentage-wise.

Interesting stuff..

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Here is a rough diagram, maybe you can map it out with this.


It basically surrounded Hemisfair Park, which is where the tower is. The upper un-named street is either Commerce or Market, I can't remember which. (Probably Market)


The guy to talk to would probably be Neil Upchurch.

I seem to remember he had something to do with it.\

If Neil can't help, Bruce Mabrito.


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