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Southern Challenge @ Abilene Spwy. Sat. results

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Southern Challenge @ Abilene Speedway 10/15/05


IMCA Modified Heats, Winner only to A-qualifier(redraw)

Heat 1. 718 Cody Smith, Forney

Heat 2. 302 Tom Briley, San Angelo

Heat 3. 18 Scotty Cook, Abilene

Heat 4. 69 Danny Hogue, Abilene

Heat 5. 86 Greg Dinsmore, Kerrville

Heat 6. 1 Keith White, Academy

Heat 7. 81 Danny Caldwell, Princeton

Heat 8. 17 Ben Hoesing, Boone, Ia.

Heat 9. 90 Monte Bolton, Lubbock

Heat 10. 2 Allen Colyer, Abilene


Jr. Mini Stock Heats, finish determines feature line up

Heat 1. 18 Jarod York, Seagoville

Heat 2. 50 Jeffery Hill, Sherman


IMCA Southern SportMod Heats, Top 2 redraw for A-qualifier, rest of field by finish

Heat 1. 24 Scott Pyle, Midland, 63 Frank Groves, Shallowater

Heat 2. 77 Stan Reeves, Eunice, NM. 87 Mike McDougal, Killeen

Heat 3. 23 Greg Atwood, Georgetown, 171 Gary Kerr, Odessa, 2 Brandon Williams, Lubbock(1st-DQed)

Heat 4. 48 Bradley Poor, Abilene, 809, Cody Thomas, Lubbock


IMCA Stock Car Heats, Winner only to A-qualifier(redraw)

Heat 1. 422 Billy Wade, San Angelo

Heat 2. 125 Chad Melton, Springtown

Heat 3. 22 Duain Pritchett, Combine

Heat 4. 83 Chad Estes, Troy

Heat 5. 201 Cody Kays, Hobbs, NM.

Heat 6. 121 Jeff Hunter, Henderson, Colo.


IMCA Hobby Stock, Top 4 redraw, rest of field by finish

Heat 1. 37 Dean Abbey, Comanche, 19 Jon Moffett, Azle, 23 Tanner Cox, Colorado City 86 Everett Keel, Brownwood

Heat 2. 04 Duane Wolff, Fort Worth, 01 James Lusk, Merkel 4 Kyle Kendrick, Merkel, 46 Billy Taylor, Gatesville, ---80 Jason Lingnau(1st) & 03 Daniel Davis(4th) DQed.


Modified B-qualifiers(15 laps), Top 2 to A-qualifier.

MBQ-1. 110 Travis Ashley, Batesville, Ark. 63 Hardy Henderson, Round Rock

MBQ-2. 156 David Homer, Houston, 001 Brian Flowers, Hobbs, NM.

MBQ-3. 133 Chris Watkins, Brownwood, 120 Rodney Sanders, Happy

MBQ-4. 49 Vince Ogle, Lubbock, 83 Darryl Campbell, Everman

MBQ-5. 707 PJ Egbert, Copperas Cove, 78 Trevor Egbert, Salado


IMCA Stock B-qualifiers(15 laps), top five from each to A-qualifier

ISBQ-1. 14 Travis Evans, Bullard, 73 Tim Ezell, Buffalo, 19 Jeff Sustaire, Emory, 29 Wesley Crouch, Midland, 94 Richard Riley, Killeen

ISBQ-2. 47 Thomas Earl III, Fort Worth, 20 Cody Burkhart, Decatur, 221 Jeff Hill, Sherman, 64 Michael Sheen, Midland, 21 Delmar Sloan, Christoval

ISBQ-3. 690 Todd Bartlett, Abilene, 82 Charlie Iker, Hobbs, NM., 021 Jay Coone, Burleson, 7 JW Johnson, Abilene, 11 Dan Johnson, Sweetwater


Caldwell Claims Challenge Qualifier

Polesitter, Danny Caldwell was first out of turn 2 to get the lead at the start of 20 lap, 20 car IMCA Modified A-qualifier. Ben Hoesing and Monte Bolton both got past Cody Smith to move into second and third. The top three got a big gap on the field when Keith White and Smith made contact and stacked up the field. On lap 2 Scotty Cook got by White for the fifth spot.


Bolton was just beginning to look inside Caldwell for the lead when yellow waved for a spin by Hardy Henderson in turn 3-4. Everyone stayed together in line as the green waved again until the lead trio started to check out. While fighting for the lead, Bolton got into Caldwell with both spinning to bring out a caution. Caldwell was awarded the position back, while Bolton was forced to pit with a flat.


On the restart, Smith snared second from Hoesing, with Cook getting by also for third. White then moved into the top five on lap 9 as Hoesing lost another spot. At the crossed flags it was Caldwell, Smith, Cook, White and Danny Hogue sliding into the fifth spot. Cook passed Smith on lap 13 for second bringing White along for third, but Caldwell had built a good lead by that point.


White began hounding Cook for second with five to go, while Travis Ashley snagged fifth from Hogue. In the final laps, Smith closed back in on Cook and White, with fifth through eighth being contested in every corner. At the checkers it was Caldwell taking the win in his Collin County Redi-Mix Modified.


IMCA Modified A-qualifier(20 laps), top five to big A-main, 6-10 to big B-main

Danny Caldwell, Scotty Cook, Keith White, Cody Smith, Danny Hogue, Ben Hoesing, Travis Ashley, Chris Watkins, Tom Briley, Trevor Egbert, Darryl Campbell, Allen Colyer, Monte Bolton, Rodney Sanders, PJ Egbert, Vince Ogle, Brian Flowers, David Homer, Greg Dinsmore, Hardy Henderson


Twenty one the twenty-two cars eligible for the IMCA Southern SportMod A-qualifier made the call for the 20 lap race. Cody Thomas quickly got away on green as Mike McDougal fell back on the high side to sixth. Bradley Poor got past Stan Reeves on lap 1 for third, with Scott Pyle trying to follow him through. Brandon Stewart lost a wheel on lap 2 to bring out the first caution.


Thomas got a big jump on green as Pyle and McDougal battled side by side for fourth. McDougal got the pass made on lap 5, while Poor was looking inside Michael Tennison for second. Pyle fought back on McDougal trying to retake his spot on lap 6. Poor got up too high on lap 7 letting McDougal and Pyle by for third and fourth. The McDougal/Pyle duo then moved around Tennison, but the leader Thomas was nowhere in sight.


At halfway it was Thomas, by nearly a half track, McDougal, Pyle, Poor and Darren Young in the top five. With the top five sorted out, there was a big fight going on from sixth on back. Thomas got caught up in traffic for a couple laps but never missed a beat as he sliced and diced his way through. The group battling for second had just traffic when Greg Atwood spun on lap 18 to bring out a caution. This erased Thomas’ huge lead and by rule, took the lap cars out of the mix. The top four got away on the restart, while Tennison, Philip Houston and Brandon Williams battled for the final transfer spot. At the checkers it was Thomas taking the win in his B&B Racing, B&B Bar & Grill, D3 Farms, Thompson Wrecker Service, SportMod


IMCA Southern SportMod A-qualifier, top five to big A-main, 6-10 to big B-main

Cody Thomas, Mike McDougal, Scott Pyle, Bradley Poor, Darren Young, Gary Kerr jr., Matt Mueller, Billy Garza, Michael Tennison, Philip Houston, Brandon Williams, Ronny Hooper, Paul Martin, Greg Atwood, David Boggs, Jeffery Hill, TK Thompson, Frank Groves, Stan Reeves, Brandon Stewart---DNS Henry Witt, Richard Myers


Evans Ekes Out I-Stock Honors

The 21 car, 20 lap IMCA Stock Car A-qualifier saw Jeff Hunter get the early lead, while Duain Pritchett, Chad Estes and Billy Wade ran three wide for second. Travis Evans began to show his strength getting by Cody Kays and Estes for third on lap 1. Pritchett was able to duck inside Hunter and take over the top spot on lap 3, with Evans following to second.


The top seven were all nose to tail when Hunter slid high out of the groove and lost numerous spots. Hunter caught a break when JW Johnson spun on lap 5 giving Hunter his third spot back on the restart. On the restart the top seven stayed nose to tail until Pritchett got out of the groove and fell back to eighth giving Evans the lead on lap 8. Hunter again got loose giving up second to Estes, then Cody Kays, Thomas Earl III and Tim Ezell.


Coming to halfway it was Evans, Estes, Kays, Earl and Ezell running in the top five, but Todd Bartlett would spin to bring out a yellow. The top eight all hung together in single file as green waved again until yellow came out again on lap 11 for Wade and JW Johnson getting together in turn 2. On the restart, Earl took a look low on Kays for third, but got back in line as the top

ten were all together.


By lap 13, Evans and Estes were starting to inch away from Kays, but Evans got slowed behind a lap car allowing the field to catch back up. Estes took a look low for leas as Evans struggled with the lap car on lap 14. Evans finally used the bumper to get Bartlett out of the way on lap 17. in the meantime Wade had spun in turn 2 as the leaders drove into the corner. Evans checked up expecting a yellow with Estes, Kays and Earl getting by. At the end of the track, Hunter was spinning to finally bring out a yellow. Going back a lap Evans was given the top spot back. The field stayed glued together at the bumpers once back to green but no one tried to mount a charge and Evans in the Four Seasons Heating & Air, Jet Chassis took the win.


IMCA Stock A-qualifier, top five to big A-main, 6-10 to big B-main

Travis Evans, Chad Estes, Cody Kays, Thomas Earl III, Wesley Crouch, Cody Burkhart, Tim Ezell, Richard Riley, Duain Pritchett, Jay Coone, Chad Melton, Michael Sheen, Delmar Sloan, JW Johnson, Jeff Hunter, Jeff Hill, Billy Wade, Todd Bartlett, Charlie Iker, Dan Johnson, Chris Meyers.


Wolff Hustles to Hobby Win

Duane Wolff got the jump on Kyle Kendrick at the start of the 20 lap IMCA Hobby Stock A-qualifier that saw only 19 cars answer the call. Dean Abbey moved into second, with Jon Moffett getting by Kendrick on lap 1. Kendrick continued to lose spots, giving way to James Lusk and Tanner Cox. The yellow came out on lap 2 when Jansen Eilenberger spun coming out of turn 4 and was nearly drilled head-on by several cars.


Cox was forced to retake fifth from Kendrick on the restart, as the top three built a big lead. Cox then snagged fourth from Lusk on lap 4, while Abbey turned up the heat on Wolff for the top spot. Abbey moved up to the high side but was unable to get past and fell back in line. In the meantime, Billy Taylor was holding off Charles Cosper for the last A-main transfer spot.


Just before halfway Kelly Andrus spun on the back stretch to slow the action. Once back to green the top five at midway were Wolff, Abbey, Cox, Moffett and Taylor. Everett Keel made a bonsai move going from seventh to fifth as he and Taylor swapped a little paint in turn 1, while Taylor, Cosper and Bobby Gilmore ran three wide for sixth.


The top three of Wolff, Abbey and Cox were running bumper to bumper, with Moffett beginning to fade. Wolff got a scare on lap 16 when H Chance Brown hit an infield and caromed out in front the leaders. Wolff then got hung by a lap car giving Abbey the chance to try the high side until Wolff rooted the slower car out of the way. The top three were still nose to tail as the white was shown, but Wolff was able to hold on to take the checkers in the Firm Automotive/Ft. Worth Gear & Axle/Glenn & Jerrys Auto Salvage/Larry Hagar Paint & Body/Lone Star Paintless Dent Repair/Wise County Graphics/Gears Plus/Dirt Warrior Chassis


IMCA Hobby Stock A-qualifier, top five to big A-main, 6-10 to big B-main

Duane Wolff, Dean Abbey, Jon Moffett, Tanner Cox, Charles Cosper, Everett Keel, Justin Shaw, Daniel Davis, James Lusk, Jason Lingnau, Larry Floyd, Kelly Andrus, H Chance Brown, James Denton, Bobby Gilmore, Billy Taylor, Stephen Robison, Kyle Kendrick, Jansen Eilenberger.


Jarod York got out front early in the 16 car Jr. mini Stock feature and never looked back. As York pulled away that left Jeffery Hill, Kenneth McGowen and Shelby Williams to battle for second. The races only yellow waved on lap 8 when Tyler Fain spun.


York once again put some distance on his competitors as the green came back out. Jeff Kinniard joined the three car battle for second in the final stages of the 20 lap event. On the last lap Hill, Williams and McGowen went three wide going into turn one as York was coming around to take the checkers.


Jr. Mini Stock Feature

Jarod York, Jeffery Hill, Shelby Williams, Kenneth McGowen, Jeff Kinnaird, Tyler Newberry, Trever Honea, Blake Hoten, Colton Monroe, Patrick Daley, Tyler Fain, Micky Cook, Hayden Lusk, Steven Abbey, Blakely Jeniuns, Justin Hossler,---DNS Nathan Sodek, Cody Hodges, Josh Pepper, Robbyn Journey, Kelly Andrus

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