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News from Beaumont


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Its bad. Its home. Its HOT.


Imagine driving home to see nobody anywhere except DPS and local police. NOBODY. Driving down I-10 and not able to exit. We snuck into the city to do our own recon right after the strom hit by coming around the storm down 45 and ober to I10 east. The only way we were allowed into the city was because my brother Scott is a PA in the medical field. We check on our buisnesses to find minial damage. Homes were o.k. except all tress down and somehow not in the houses. Pools are solid black with leaves and Trees. First line of buisness was to empty all freezers and frig. After that we stayed the night(no water sewer or elec.) gathered personal stuff and quickly realized there was nothing left to do so we left for the Woodlands. No gasoline until belt 8 by HMP. Good news Race car and equipment is at James Southerlands in FT. Worth area. Thanks James.

Now what. If you look at Entergy.com you will see total destruction to power grids. They say it may be a month before power is returned and I think thats a stretch. Im no electrician but the news about the grids is worse that people think. Buisness back to normal in a couple of weeks? NO WAY. My wife and I are already looking for temp jobs (bills don't evacuate). I will probably work as a carpenter for a large BMT based construction company and my wife a bank. I have already realeased my employees without pay and know it could be 6 months before a company I built in 9 years sees any kind of normal activity. We have our heath and thank GOD for that.

Others affected in area from racing community were Gary Poole, Lloyd Copland, Kirby Caldwell(me), Wayne Stokley, Kirby Honeycutt, and some other new Allison legacy guys


KIrby Caldwell USRA #67

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I was in Florida on business last week with my co-worker who lives in Beaumont. Our trip was cut short because we had to get back to our families to evacuate. I now live in the Corpus area so it was a frightening experience for me to arrive back in Corpus Wednesday at midnite to discover that there was no gas. I managed to get some and drove back HOME to San Antonio Thursday morning. Corpus got lucky, we dodged another bullet. Beaumont wasn't so lucky and my prayers are with you and your family. I have not been able to get in touch with my co-worker in Beaumont but I'm sure she and her family managed to get out in time. I hope FEMA and the Red Cross do everything they can for all of the citizens in your area to help get your once normal life back to normal. May God Bless you and your family.

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