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  1. Debbie's new hairdo!

    You look great Debbie! I lost my long hair when I got sick with Lupus and figured it easier to keep it short! My prayers are with you during your recovery. Love ya!!
  2. Powder Puff

    Any plans in 2011 for hosting a "Powder Puff" race at I-37????
  3. Powder Puff

    But I never raced dirt before, isn't it harder?

  5. W.O.D

    I sure do miss racing and now that I WORK EVERY SATURDAY (ughh) this prevents me from racing Saturday nights however it sure would be cool if the dirt tracks that operate on friday nights had a WOMEN ON DIRT class like we did in the Roadrunner division...............................HINT HINT
  6. W.O.D

    I would if I could get my brother out of the car .........LOL or unless I find a REALLY GOOD DEAL on a pure stock before the season starts that will not need alot of work.
  7. Has anyone heard of a driver by the name Carmello "Chuck" Palermo? He use to race at one of the tracks here a very very long time ago.
  8. San Antonio Speedway Lease Option

    Where's Terry (TD)? Get him and Rick teamed up again along with Debbie and the old SAS staff and make SAS happen again. Maybe with a good enough fight the City will re-zone and SAS can be back in business. I know this is wishful thinking but I would put a car back on that track in a heart beat!
  9. What a time for the AC to go out!

    Was this in a window unit or central air? And where does the capacitor go? Mine is acting really weird and when I described the symptoms to someone they also mentioned the word "capacitor".
  10. Driver Burned

    Not that this would take away the severe damage and life altering changes that took place that night but I think the track management/ownership or whatever they would like to consider themselves should step up and help this family in every way possible. This is a perfect example of "pure greed" when you make the decision to allow the "Race to go on" without any type of emergency response crew. Racing is in our blood for most of us and as drivers we should know not to get on the track without a crew present.....HOWEVER....the adrenaline sucks us in and of course we don't ever want to let the fans down so the show must go on but it's our lifes as well as the other drivers on the track that are at risk. I would also like to know why the other drivers didn't try at least calming the fire down with their own extinguishers? I don't want to assume what did not happen by looking at the pictures but it sure doesn't look good and it seems as though more could have been done. We can all bitch and complain about this situation and I pray to GOD it does not ever happen again. MY PRAYERS ARE WILL THE FAMILY AND MAY GOD BLESS THEM EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.
  11. where are they now?

    Now if I would have known Jesse Salazar was racing in Kyle this past weekend I would have been there. He has always been one of my favorite drivers to watch at SAS. I also miss Danny Garcia, Justin Oates, Larry Bendele, Marcus Bellino, Keith Garrett, Greg Rohmer and of course my brothers Charles and George. So what are these guys up to now?
  12. San Antonio connection to the new GM Chairman

    Let's assume Ed knows nothing about cars and their production but what does that have to do him have the ability to turn GM around? He took a telephone GIANT (Southwestern Bell.....SBC and now AT&T) and made it the successful business that it is today and he use to be a telephone installer and knew nothing about spreadsheets. Trust me GM will be in a much better place with him then with out him. I was sad to see Ed leave AT&T because he provided such a stable place to work and is also a strong believer in the Union. I'm sure the Auto Makers Union will be welcoming him with open arms. I wish him luck!
  13. Jody Wayne Stuart

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JWS!!! And damn right I'm the pool shark.....LOL Hey I left you a present on your my space page. Any hoo have a great day and don't get into too much trouble....hack hack
  14. Congratulations brother and Blue Moon Motorsports!! I bet David doesn't realize you come with your own group of fans which means more cheering for him. LOL I think it's a match made in heaven with that #3 on the side of his truck! Now all you have to do is get him to put a 1 before the 3....he he he he. GOOD LUCK AND KICK SOME BUTT!
  15. Get Well wishes for Gerald "Papa" Fischer

    Hey Papa we hope you recover soon! Our prayers are with you and we hope everything checks out ok. We Love ya!! The Earnhardts
  16. Support for a San Antonio short track?

    SAS reopen? Well I think about it often and miss it dearly but I doubt that it will ever open again. It's rare that you have someone like Terry Dickerson invest money into something that will never make you money but did it for the love of the sport so who is willing to do that again? After reading that the whole "gold mine" on Hwy 16 fell through and that the area will possibly be re-zoned back to County code then SAS will have a chance fianancially to get up to par. As for SAS and THR working together we all know Debbie's roots are SAS and I'm sure between her and MaryAnn they could help promote and attract racing series that would not impact THR's schedule or funding. There would be no reason why the two tracks couldn't work together however as someone mentioned in a previous post not only did THR welcome SAS drivers but they also welcomed SAS staff and loyalty goes along way around here. Now to answer your question about having the support "IF" SAS reopened of course you would but it would take time for the car count to grow again. I know of at least 10 Roadrunner cars just sitting waiting to go that would be the first one's at the track. If I could have just one request if it did reopen and that would be to become NASCAR sanctioned again. Your sponsorship possibilities would be greater and we would be back on the map again as well as go after big names such as AT&T and Budco whom at one time was very interested in being the major sponsor at SAS but wanted rights to the beer sold which meant no more Miller Lite. So lets see what 2009 brings for SAS, I would love to see some of my favorite drivers such as the Bendele's, Salazar, Oates as well as my brothers back on the track again. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.
  17. most sas wins

    Hey what about the women on wheels....LMAO
  18. Powder Puff Race

    I will but I need a car
  19. C'MON FOLKS!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOO....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOO YOOOO HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR DEBBIEEEEE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOOO YOOOOOO!!!! Now tell me where this fountain of youth is that your visiting! Have a great day...luv ya!
  20. Short Notice Deployment of Desert COP

    I love the # on the ship Stay safe and God Bless you that you return home safe. Thank you for the freedom!
  21. Race Results

    Alright Candace! Tell him to get you out there and to bring the Azul while your at it!
  22. Race Results

    Thanks to the Charles, TFT staff and drivers for welcoming me Tuesday night. I had a blast and look forward to doing it again next week. Come on ladies let's make the Thursday night women's league a huge sucess and then we will run with the guys on Tuesday and give them a run for thier money. I also realized how out of shape my arms are after all those laps....I couldn't even hold my water bottle up to my mouth...LOL Congratulations to Clark for winning the race....you drove an awesome line but watch out cuz I'm learning from you..LOL
  23. Toyota Plant,

    I agree with you brother. What's that land at SAS worth now?
  24. Count me in for sure, I will be there. I don't always get to check TSZ so please call me with any updates 210-241-3689 or you can email me at ke5733@att.com. I can't wait!
  25. Count me in.....come on Mona let's go race!!!!