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Greg Davidson in ICU

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I saw this on Facebook this morning:

Racing Community it’s time to come together and pray for own of our own. Greg Davidson is in the hospital in ICU. He’s fought so many battles and the champion he is has continued to conquer. Dear Lord be with Greg, Peggy Pringle Davidson and his family.

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Well, My Goodness.....   Sad to Hear that....

I seen Greg & his Wife at a Luby's eating lunch here in S/E Houston on Thursday May 2nd.   Greg didn't know me from back in the days that we Both Raced @ Meyer Speedway & SAS a long time ago.  Greg sure was Enjoying his lunch that day @ the Luby's,  He was eating like a Field Hand.....

Prayers & Best Wishes Indeed to this GREAT TEXAS RACING LEGEND.... & Every One's Best Friend....

greg davidson.jpg

greg davidson #2.jpg

greg davidson #3.jpg

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Back in the late 70's early 80's we would drive up to SAS every weekend. He was one of our favorites along with John Kelly. After the races we would go and speak to him and he was always cordial to us. As the years went by when he was at the track and saw us he would greet us with a hand shake and he how are you doing. Great driver and a nice guy. Kelly as well. Who remembers some of the many battles Davidson and Kelly had back then! Throw in Rick , Slick and others what a great time the TIDA/ROMCO days were! Pray for the best for Mr. Davidson.

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