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F Body Suspension Tricks to widen front track

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Hey guys,

Realized a lot of companies don't make stuff for FBody front clips because tracks all use A body and Metric stuff.  

I'm trying to widen the track about 1.5 inches on each side on my 70 Camaro.  The uppers are easy, but on the lowers, are there any off the shelf things that can be mixed and matched with some creativity on the lowers.  I can fabricate something but don't want to.

Just curious if any you guys had any tips and tricks. Speedway and the others don't even sell extended length F Body stuff anymore because none of the tracks apparently have anyone using Fbody stuff, which is wild to me. 

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My buddy Corey had some Crown Vic lowers I kinda mocked up and they didn't look to be too big of a gain.  Just going to have some custom lowers with a removable brace.

The G Body / Metric Car I'm building could have been easier but since I'm gonna have to make stuff probably just make stuff for that too.

Thanks for the help.

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