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Dos XX Championship Night

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Tonight South Texas Race Ranch will conclude its point season and Track Championships will be crowned. Top Hat Micro Mods, Pro Line Fabrication Pure Stock, AOC Auto Parts EMod, Sames Ford Factory Stock, DAM Services IMCA Modified and Double J Jerky Limited Modified will be in action and some of those classes still have great battles at the top of the standings.

Cory Harding is hanging on to a 6 point lead over Andy Anderson in the Micro Mod. Question is, can anyone stop the hot streak Gilbert Perez III has going in the Micro Mod. Hot shoes James Parks and Michael Lindsey were both in attendance last night and will surely be battling for the win. After another victory last night, Jamie Dear has a commanding 23 point lead over Curtis King and likely will be a repeat Champion in Pure Stock. Youngster Nathan Titzman holds a slim 8 point lead over the white hot JJ Jennings in the Limited Mod. Tanner Whitmire has a 53 point lead in the IMCA Modified and will be the 2023 Track Champion. Daniel Preston has an 11 point lead over Brianna Witzsche and 17 points over Brad Waddups so those top 3 spots could be shuffled depending on how tonight shakes out. Brian Rye took full advantage of double points last night to take a 7 point advantage over a championship caliber driver of anything with wheels, Ray Allen Kulhanek. Every class has been highly competitive all year and there are several in each class that can claim the checkers and trophies tonight and all will be looking to end the season on a high note.

All Results are Unofficial and commentary is based on my observations from the stands and I have no contact with track officials during the event. 

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Parks, Lindsey and Perez take the green 3 wide. Perez settles into the lead, Parks, Lindsey separating A. Anderson and C. Harding round out top 5. Anderson to the infield which should clinch the championship for Harding. Parks now challenging and takes the lead away from Perez, Perez reclaims the lead the next lap.

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Good start as the top 5 of Gilpin, Dear, Van Blarcum, King and Jack take off. Gilpin and Dear putting a few car lengths on King and Van Blarcum but caution out as King turns Van Blarcum on the exit of 2. With King to the rear, Mikulencak inherits 5th on restart. 

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