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Factory Stocks have been Invited to Compete @ HMP 9/23/2023

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Attention: All Local & Texas Area FACTORY STOCK RACERS.....   The Oval @ HMP / SPRS has added the Factory Stocks to the Racing Event @ HMP on 9/23/2023

Calling all Interested Local Factory Stock Racers are being Invited to Race at HMP Oval Track in N/E Houston, Texas on 9/23/2023....

So get those Cars "Ready to Rumble" on the High Banks of HMP real soon....

Check with SPRS for more Event info & Rules info as well..

>>>>>  Factory Stocks Racing @ HMP real soon.... <<<<

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The bootlegger and factory stock speed was very similar.  This weekend was interesting date and I know Owen was stuck with the schedule Alverson left him, but I think competing with fans at TMS, and another Factory Stock race literally 35 minutes away was tough.  But I think this race did what needed to be done, demonstrated this would work great.

Some friends and I are looking at Factory Stocks to get them on track and I know some the dirt guys didn't want to participate in the science project but were absolutely watching it.  

Good news is though that it is now known that Factory Stock cars and Bootleggers work just fine with each other.  Several cars broke and didn't make the feature but class has 10-12 cars if everyone had showed up.


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