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GCRS 2022 Racing @ HMP (Cancelled)

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FYI - Per Mis Gina of GCRS.....   (GCRS) at this point has decided to "Cancel" the up coming July 2nd Race Date & the rest of the Remaining Scheduled Oval Track Racing Events at "HMP" for 2022.   At this point.... they have "Pulled Down" GCRS Scheduled Oval Track racing events @ (HMP Only).

Please contact "GCRS" for further info on this matter.

The 7/02/2022 HMP Oval track event has been cancelled !!!

Bad News for Texas Race Fans & Racers indeed....

Thanks for your time.....


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On 7/7/2022 at 6:06 PM, Holleywood2151 said:

What are the rules for HMP street stock class racing in Mobile speedway 

The GCRS currently does Not have a "Street Stock" class,   They have a "Pure Stock" and "Sportsman" racing classes there Mobile Int. Speedway....   Just Google search "Gulf Coast Racing Series" or "Gulf Coast Racing Series"   F/B page....

Hope Info Helps...

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Hey @Holleywood2151, as GCRS has left HMP and a new series has stepped in, they are putting a ton of work in behind the scenes to figure out the classing problem with the traditional street stock / pure stock / wheel man melting pot that has happened so you guys can race.

Please fill this out, we are trying to catalog ANYONE that has a car for this class and figure out a plan to bring traditional class rules to get that class going again, but without alienating or forcing people to spend money rebuilding cars that were supporting the track.  It's going to be a lot of work on our end but we will figure it out.   We need to know what we're working with, right now we have 13 cars that would like to run a Street Stock / Pure Stock style class, and we are trying to structure it in a manner where, again, people will not spend money over, and over, and over, and over and over not to mention the time that goes into rebuilding a car, over, and over, and over, and over.

If anyone reading this knows someone that has a car mothballed, sitting, converted to dirt but they'd like to convert it back to asphalt if there was a true and genuine reason to do so, have them fill this out and in class just write "super stock" and as much info as they can about their cars current state and we are going to reach out.


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