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Spotter/Driver - Two Way Communication ? Transponder


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I think I saw a post last year that stated Super Stocks were to have Spotter/Driver communication last year. 

Is this true? I hope so

If Super Stocks are allowed to have spotter communication; does anyone know of a used setup for sale?

I would also need information on what transponder is needed.  I would need to get a transponder as well.

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The Normal Transponder was  a " AMB Trans X -260 " either a charger style or a Hard Wire Mounted 12v style….

These are NOT very "Cheap" to buy new....

So watch out here on LSSZ and the Racing Based Groups listed on Face Book....Used Transponders are listed Frequently on FB.

Also keep in mind that "Head & Neck Restraints" , In-Date Seat Belt Harness, in-Date Window nets, & SFI rated Racing Suits, ALL Required in all of the V-8 racing Divisions at HMP.

At any given time, these items are available here on LSSZ & FB for reasonable pricing....And from time to time there are Two-Way Radio packages available most of the time....

So watch LSSZ & FB racing groups for these Items,  (Street Stock Nation, Circle Track Classifieds, Race Cars Parts Buy & Sell)  as just a few....

Hope Info Helps....

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Yes !!!  The Mylaps X-260 is one that you Buy,  Own, & Keep Charged up ready for use...  Yes these are the Best way to go.....But are very Expensive.....

A Mylaps 2X is a  Transponder via Paid Subscription to Mylaps….Meaning: if your Annual subscription is paid up,   then your good to go !!!!   ( Sort of a Pain to deal with,  But it is the new way....)

If you have a 2x that is paid up, then your good to go !!!

The System is the SAME !!!  as long as you keep your Subscription is Valid !!!

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11 hours ago, Crosby said:

I didn't figure the transponder I had would work, but when I looked up the X-260 it shows to be obsolete and the one I have (MYLAPS X2) is the replacement. Does anyone know if the MYLAPS X2 will work on the older system?

The X2 is compatible if your subscription is still good you should be good. 

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