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HMP Track Announcer, The Man !!!

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Hale to the Chief,  Mr. Rodney Rodriguez … The Man with a plan !!!

Let me tell you that it was very HOT at the race track HMP last night !!!  But R.R.  troopered though it....    He had a little Mic trouble,  but got though that....  He had a little issues with his notes,  but worked through that,  He mostly was the only announcer most all of the time....He was able to slip away from the Mic for a brief break or two....  Had only a few quick sips of water here and there !!!!  Could have went inside to the A/C, but did not choose to !!!

But by the end of the night,  He had entertained & informed the crowd like a TRUE Professional that he is....I don't think any other announcer could of held up to all those issues last night in that Muggy Heat ...

A big "Good Job" to the Man...Mr. Rodriguez...

Thanks  R.R. , please keep up the good entertaining things that you do for us Texas race fans....

Good Job Buddy...


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Metro thanks for the kind words, very much appreciated was great to be back in the saddle! Was indeed a tad muggy and hot but otherwise all smooth!

So much of this is on the fly so I like to improvise lol, great crowd and great racing they place was hoppin like it should be. I like to me a man of the people ain't no way I was going inside!!!  Looking forward to Aug 31st hope to get that other 1/4 of the stands full and more in the pits!

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