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Any Results Yet?


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I went down there for the Modfieds so that was really the only race that I paid attention to. Joey Heinaman won it. Swenson had to start in the rear because of a crash in practice. He was able to make it up to either 3rd or 4th. Beddoe finished 2nd. Cole either finished 3rd of 4th. It was a very good race. I believe that they only had about 3 cautions. The Sportman race Oates took a challenge to start in the rear of the field for an extra $150.00 if he won. He got up to 5th within 4 laps and something broke and he stuck it in the fence. The Roadrunner race ran long as well as the Sportsman due to a lot of wrecks. I left after 10 laps in the Late model race so I didn't stick around much for that.


It was the first time that I have been there under the new management and I was quite impressed. The whole atmosphere was a lot better. Dickerson is definately a promoter and a very passionate person for the racing industry. I can see the car count and the spectator count coming way up in the near future.

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LM Quick Top 3


1. Robert Barker (also set new LM Track Record in Qualifinh 19.81)

2. Lloyd Alexander (started on pole)

3. James Cole (Driving Michael Lampton's car)




1. Joey Hienaman

2. James Cole

3. Chris Swenson




1. Eric Knudtson

2. Greg Rhomer

3. Tom Casey


LM race was reg flaged twice for hard wrecks. First wreck involved 6+ cars including Justin Oates, Jamie Fuller, Brian M., 00Beau, Mark Ackerman, Joe Aramendia and more that didnt stop but may have suffered some damage in some form or another...


Second red involved Alvin Stewart and Allen Alexander... All drivers were ok


TAMS race featured a great 3 way race for the lead for a majority of the race between Bruce Beddoe James Cole and Joey H. - Chris Swenson overcame an incident with the 98 Modified during practice and started from back of field and easily was Hard Charger for the race...


Photos will be posted as early as tommorrow evening...



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