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Lone Star Legacy series ceases operations as of today, May 10, 2017

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When James and I were thinking about trying to revive the Legacys, we felt we needed some actual goals to work towards. Here is that list which was also published here in this forum back in 2014.


1. Put together an organization that will allow folks to be able to have fun in these cars.


2. Nurture young and inexperienced drivers and teams by sharing our knowledge of driving techniques and race car set up.


3. Promote clean, non-aggressive racing which will minimize a team’s cash outflow in the long term.


4. Put on a good show for the fans.


5. Keep the series rules cost effective as possible to limit financial burdens on teams.


6. Retain as much of the original Allison Legacy rules as practical to permit those with original Allison cars to be competitive.


7. Find some good places to race.


With the exception of number 7, we are both satisfied that we have made progress in meeting those goals.


Were there folks who disagreed with this set of goals? Absolutely. Right from the start we were met with significant opposition from some who wanted to revert to the "rubbing is racing" philosophy, who wanted to open up the rules to allow for more technology and higher performance parts and who disagreed with our strict enforcement of clean, non-aggressive driving. Yet we stood our ground in spite of the opposition.


In fact, we were poised to enjoy the best year yet in 2017, but the closing of CTS and with no other asphalt tracks we attempted to move the series to road courses... This plan did not meet with much acceptance and we have reached the conclusion that we need to remove ourselves from the organization.


Therefore, as of today, May 10, 2017, series director James Huff is disbanding the Lone Star Legacy organization and will no longer be responsible for the operation of the Lone Star Legacy organization.

We feel we have accomplished what we set out to do and with the uncertain outlook for asphalt oval tracks in Texas we feel the timing is right for this decision.


Any questions may be addressed to James Huff and/or Nick Holt.

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I just want to throw it out there that the Legacy group is still alive. A few of them are working together to continue what Nick and James have started. We hope on meeting the requirements put forward by the track in order to be a support class for the upcoming races at HMP and possibly be on the schedule for next year if that opportunity were to arise. I do want to thank Nick and James for the work they have done for this class.

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