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I-37 Speedway 4/8/17 updates


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All In Designs Pure Stocks
441 Dakota Heinaman
28m Mason Castenda
40 Dakota Hurley
58 Cheyloh Brodnax
14 Trey Heald
93 Aaron Leddy(-1 spot jump)
38x Josh Sewell
48 Pat Lyon
4k David Sheffield
13 Kris Workman
15 William Cavender
97 Lames Aramendia jr
98 William Saunders
18 Emmitt Sevilla
88 Alexis Hendricks
09 Clint Montaino
30 Riley Heil
6 Daniel Preston
68d Kenny Wright
2 Jonathon Mares

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Brown Chevrolet Sport Compacts
5 Dillon Gaither….by a bumper
77 GB Carter
8 Robert Kelm
51 Brian Schneider
56jr Treyler Caulfield
3 Jamie Garner
114 Brandon McCall
42 Daniel Zajac
63 Gordon Dowdy
13m Jeremt Watson
69 Filipe Ruiz
44 Eric Watson
4 Austin Witt
57 Trevor Bettis
181 George Quintinilla
15 Devon Suritt
33c Charles Earnhardt III

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Swenson Racing Products Sport Modifieds
89c Steve Whiteaker jr
12 Cody Leonard
56 Broc Bowen
87 Lawrence Mikulencak
77 Cody Beddoe
9t Talon Minten
24r Robby Minten
11t Tom Grothues
66t Zach Tippett
21r Eric Ramos
22 Randy Bennett
14 Trent Beaver
38 David Schury
03 Marcus Mikulencak
57 Rowdy Flanagan
9 Ryan Doyon
bd3 Greg Carlucci jr---dns
58 Hunter Flanagan---dns

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Was there really that big of an impact at the South Texas tracks?

I know JJ was racing at the dirt track and Johnny was up there too. Not sure how many of the Kyle/pavement group that have changed to dirt were up there that would have been at I-37....Cotton Bowl lost Steve and probably Don, they always go for a week-long camp out.....So there's 4 guys I'm sure of....Not certain about Texana people......South Texas was off....

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