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3413828_orig.jpg?628Hi Tanner,

Check out quarter midget racing, for ages 5 - 17, there is 2 tracks in Texas, Austin and San Antonio, really good families and great racing with national tours through Texas. Look at websites rcqma.com and lsqma.com. We raced 10 years and it was a blast. We do have 3 cars for sale, all stanley quarter midgets, robbiestanleyracing.com. 2 large and 1 medium. Let me know if you need more info and want to schedule a test drive. You wont find better youth racing than quarter midgets.




Also RCQMA is having Pumpkin race on Oct 29th in Austin, believe it starts at noon.

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Check out




south texas speedway does karts, cottonbowl speedway has a small program also.

Most all the dirt kart racing is Waco and above, there are a few out West Tumbleweed Speedway, and East there is I20 Speedway.


just a few, depends on where our at? Want to do dirt or asphalt?

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Thanks for the information that has been provided!!! It has has been helpful.



I am located down in Corpus Christi. My son just turned 5 and I am looking at getting him into some form of racing. It could be dirt or asphalt. I am mainly looking for something that is organized.


At this point, I am just trying to find information. On a side note, I have found zero about karts at south texas speedway.

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