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Bryan Clauson Racing – “Race On”


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Bryan Clauson Racing – “Race On”


by Lonnie Wheatley


NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (September 27, 2016) – Race on. It’s what Bryan Clauson would relate to his father Tim when faced with some of the darker moments in the sport. It’s what racers do, they continue to race on.


With that in mind, it comes as little surprise that Bryan Clauson Racing will continue on under the watch of Tim Clauson and team co-owner Richard Marshall under the new Clauson-Marshall Racing banner. The team’s first outing will be the USAC Midget “Jason Leffler Memorial” at Wayne County Speedway in Illinois on October 20 with Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., at the wheel.


“I never had a doubt that I wanted to carry on what Bryan’s true passion was in his life and that was racing,” Tim Clauson commented. “Bryan and I had several conversations when tragic things happened in the sport and his opinion never wavered; ‘We race on. That’s what we do, we are racers. We both took great pride in working with young drivers and Bryan especially wanted to teach them the right way to race, and that was with respect and reverence for the sport. That is what we will carry on in his honor.”


Clauson continued on, “I have been overwhelmed with not only the love and compassion from our racing family, but also with what I have learned since August 7th. I’ve learned the great respect he had not only for the sport, but, more importantly, the people in the sport. My goal with this program is not only to win races, but more importantly to share the love and respect that Bryan had and showed to the sport. If we can help cultivate a generation of racers who share that vision, then I think Bryan would be proud.”


Richard and Jennifer Marshall have been more than sponsors to Bryan and the teams over the years, they have become family and now partners. Bryan and his teams have represented the Marshall Family through Priority Aviation from the small dirt tracks of the Midwest to the Indianapolis 500. Tim Clauson could not be prouder to partner with Richard and Jennifer to continue on Bryan’s legacy in the sport with Clauson-Marshall Racing, knowing that BC will guide their every move.


"I have long shared the passion for this sport with Tim and Bryan,” Marshall explains. “Bryan's passing gave all of us a serious pause. Since then, Tim and I agreed that Bryan would want us to race on. We had a meeting of the minds and decided to move forward with our passion and Bryan's dream. We could not be more excited to see this through with Clauson-Marshall Racing!"


Bryan and Tim initiated Bryan Clauson Racing in 2008 with the idea of providing their knowledge and experience with drivers and families attempting to navigate their way through the sport while at the same time providing Bryan with an outlet to pursue the venue of motorsports that he loved most, Midget and Sprint Car racing.


Along the way, the team met many of its goals including a pair of USAC National Midget championships and a USAC Sprint Car title along with three USAC Driver of the Year awards while also helping in the development of many younger drivers making their way through the ranks.


Bryan Clauson Racing had the honor of having some of the nation’s top drivers race out of its stable including the likes of Tyler Courtney, Shane Golobic, Spencer Bayston, Jason Johnson, Kyle Larson and Ricky Stenhouse Jr., among others. Whether a seasoned veteran or an aspiring rookie, Bryan took great pride in providing a team to showcase their talents.

As such, it is only fitting that the Clauson-Marshall Racing debut at the Jason Leffler Classic will feature current NASCAR racer Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., at the wheel. All you have to do is watch Bryan’s victory lane interview from last year to understand why.


“I'm always thrilled to race with Tim and this team. I value the friendship and passion he and Bryan have for racing,” Stenhouse, Jr., comments. “This race means a lot to Bryan. The whole racing family comes together to remember an awesome guy and racer.


“I'm looking forward to representing this team and hope I can do even half of what Bryan could do in this car. Bryan's passing hasn't gotten easier, but it's been unbelievable to see the support of so many friends, family and fans. With them, I hope to continue Bryan's legacy and continue in his winning ways. It helps all of us and I'm glad to be a tiny part of it with this team.”


Additional information regarding the Clauson-Marshall Racing team will be available in the coming weeks.

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