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Flyin Ryan Luza


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I wanted to give a shout out to Ryan Luza in his 3rd race ever for Raymond Delahoussaye Motorsports modified. In the first of the 40 laps feature races at HMP last night Ryan went from 10th to second in a matter of 15 laps. He then spent 20 plus laps on Joe Aramendias bumper with out spinning him out. He raced him hard but fair. In the last race to come back and finish 3rd as well speaks volumes for Ryan's driving ability. Proud of the kid. I can't wait to see him racing at CTS in the same mod in two weeks.


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He ran very well in the Legends series as well. He obviously has the talent to go fast.


Of course, It always helps to have top level equipment and and I'm sure Raymond's ride was 100% right on.


And if you'll check out the Live Updates, there were numerous "taps," "bumps." "contacts," as Ryan tried to get by Aramendia, but the youngster didn't spin him even though it was obvious he had the faster car.


But as Joe said after the race, "it's one thing to catch me. It's entirely different story trying to pass me. The fastest car doesn't always win."



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