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Since its quite around here I thought it a good time to remind all pure stock teams not to forget your biggest event of the year and thats the shootout in December.If you guys can put 40 or so cars on the track you open the door to a future pure stock shootout of your own.I know with the compacts a couple years ago we got on the shootout card and brought cars from 5 tracks and 7 venues.You guys can too.Start promoting your race now.Call friends from other tracks,post on other tracks pages,hustle up cars.You have the largest pool to draw from but silence will be your downfall if you dont start soon promoting.I wish my class had that opportunity again.Dont blow it.


I know the money is not a world changing item but it could build to be.Show the promoters around the state what you can do and they will be fighting over getting your class.Its all about the numbers.Plus your showcasing your team in front of all the racing world around here,nobody else is running.You owe your sponsors visibality to a huge audience.


Darn,I wish I had one now.I better shut up or I might buy one.


Please add your comments.. Dont be shy.Shine instead.Its your time.

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