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Great photo of old Pan Am


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Mike tps48,

Thank you very much for this. Incredible pic. So awesome.

Always heard Dad talk about the old Pan Am, and going to races there, and all the names. But in later years he couldn't remember exactly where it was, and with all the building out that way by then. Seeing this is incredible.

Mom and Dad are now eternally resting just across Austin Hwy at Sunset, can even see the divided drive in the lower left into the cemetary. Never realized PA was right there at that corner.


Thank you.


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Saw two races there I believe it was back in 1958. If I recall the track was half asphalt and half dirt. There were many cars there and one racer's name I recall being there that day was a young 19 year old Ricci Ware. He rolled it one of those races I saw in between three and four. Ricci was a crowd pleaser.

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