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This weeks Races

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Pure stocks will be having a Cash for Dash race. We will take the top finishers out of the heat races to run this dash. The winner gets $100 provided by Pro Line Fabricators.


BONUS!! The Proline Challenge: The winner of the cash for dash can opt to start last in the feature. If he wins the feature Proline will pay an additional $100.


We then will redraw the top 8 cars for the feature.


We will also be redrawing the Limited Mods this weekend.


If you see James Parks tell him thank you for his support!!!


Come out lets have fun!!!


Ken Hobbs

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Good stuff here! The Pure Stock guys and gals have been carrying the programs at many tracks and it is good to see them get rewarded like this.I don't know what Mr. Parks looks like so I will say THANK YOU! here.Gotta say about time on the Limited redraw. Don't stop at just this week!

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