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Our friends at CC Speedway are having a great event Saturday with TALMS, DCRST, TPS and the CC bombers.. These folks have been really good to us at CTS so let's return the favor and go watch some great racing this weekend. I always hear the Longhorn stuff.. This place pretty damn close but high banked!! Let's have a great time at the Bullring!!



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Thank you Rodney and for the Grand Stocks, something else to think about:



1. $75 Ivan Winningham

2. $50 TALMS

3. $30 "Nobody"

4. $50 Owen Pittman

5. $30 Mike and Lorraine McCain

6. $30 Brooks Tire

7. $40- Ivan Winningham

8. $50 Alaina D Racing

9. $100 John Hawkins

10. $30 John W.

11. $50 Sandoval Racing

12. $40- Arob

13. $50 Patrick Limerick

14.$40- John Hutchinson

15.$50- Josh McCain

16. $50 Late Start Racing

17. $30 Mike and Lorraine McCain

18. $50- Frank Lozano

19. $50- Frank Lozano

20. $35 Ivan Winningham


That's additional purse on top of what the track is paying (Thanks to Josh McCain for keeping track of the donations). Should be a huge night at CCS and we'd love to see you CTS guys/gals down here. Travelodge on Corn Products and Leopard is giving a racers deal, $55 for a room (believe it's a two bed room as well) See the TPS thread. The hotel is about five or ten minutes from the track. Expecting 20 or so Dwarfs, 20-25 TALMS cars duking it out for $1000 to win paycheck and 15-20 Pro Sedans and they have always been good there. Practice Friday night too I believe. If y'all come down and want to show off your cars Sat morning, there's a car show at a local AutoZone. If anyone wants to know anything about Corpus feel free to contact to me, for the car show probably best to contact JMcCain8 or Hitech. We look forward to a big night and to see some of you CTS drivers down here.

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As a fan in the stand you get a full line up of racing and as a driver you get a lot of wheel time as we typically will run 2 ten lap heat races and 1 twenty lap feature (bomber class, other classes may be running more) and we have a fully loaded concession stand along with plenty of parking.

Come one- come all..... It's going to be a great night of racing under the lights :-)

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Dwarfs are running heats and I believe 25 lap Feature not sure, TPS I believe will be the only group to just qualify. TALMS was going to qualify then run heats to set the lineup for feature, believe theirs is 50 laps, TPS I think is 35 but could be wrong. Concession is good at CCS too. Should be plenty of action for all classes and fans hopefully won't be disappointed. Weather looks great too!

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