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Pure Stock Rules For I-37 Speedway Turkey Trot


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I-37 Speedway Turkey Trot II


Nov 26 Practice

Nov 27 Draw - Race

Nov 28 Rain Date if needed





Friday Nov 26 - Gates open @ 11 am - Cars must be teched before practice. Practice 1-8pm Pits close. Equipment may be left at your own risk.


Saturday Nov 27 - Gates open @ 11am - Draw for Heat position from 4:00pm - 5:00pm. Number of Heats will be determined by Number of cars.


Starting heat position determined by luck of DRAW. Heat determine first "20" Spots. Redraw for starting position. Last "6" Spots by B MAINS.




1. American built cars only. - NO Sports Cars, Camaros, Firebirds, ECT... Unibody Cars may be tied together. Spoilers - Aftermarket Bodies OK.


2. Trucks OK - Min Wheelbase 108, No Front wheel drives.


3. No cattlegaurds - Rub rails OK.


4. Firewall must be stock, inner fender well removal OK- Pedal locations must be stock.


5. White Painted Drive Shafts REQUIRED.


6. "3" Working Brakes Required.


7. Radiator Bracing Allowed.


8. Locked Rear end OK. Ford in Ford, GM in GM.


9. Carbs - Q Jets OK, Holley 4412 OK "STOCK"


10. Engine must match make in stock location. GM in GM, Ford in Ford, Chrysler in Chrysler.


11. "NO STROKES" - Stock Stroke Only


12. Exhaust - Manifolds or Headers OK NO 180's


13. Heads - Stock cast iron only - NO porting or Polishing - NO Angle Milling. Max 2.02 Valve No Roller Rockers or Tips - Stock size lifters. Screw in Stud OK


14. Any Flat top piston OK. Stock Rods Only - Vortech Heads OK. NO Bowtie or Angle Plugs


15. No Magnets - Aftermarket distriburators OK, But must be of stock appering design.




17. We expect cars to be STOCK TYPE POWERTRAIN. - This includes size of clutch or Torque Converter, ETC...


18. Tires - G60 or Smaller - McCreary American Racer Tires OK. DOT- Under 8 Inch Foot Print OK


19. Min Weight 3400 After Race with driver. Fuel Top Off OK


ANY Question contact Frank Torres At 210-367-6261

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Guest RandyBorlace

i dont think aftermarket body means like something you would buy from 5 star or something, i think it means like sheetmetal doors and fenders instead of putting on factory ones, TOBA runs rules similar to this and they are a pure stock type class.

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ok doubletrouble,you at it again?i would think you would work harder to give your wifes car some needed power!i sent my sons to hill country to show support.i got zero from you.i showed up to give support.even raced in a race for free.however you have this thing about trying to bash i37.should i follow your foot steps?i wished you full stands and a great car count....your emails are filth!GROW UP.when you shook my hand at hill country was that all fake.i still wish yankee and hill country the very best.i had hoped that for the drivers sake the winter series would be run at both tracks.but i would have a tough time sending my support where people like you work and race.i really dont think you know how to read rules anyway.your line of thought drifts to much in left field.this race is not for you (fine),there will be race cars that are serious about racing.not looking at why they cant race.....some decide to race,some site on the porch without a clue....frank t.

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Dear Mr. Torres

I think your reply to my post was uncalled for.Not once have I wished you or i37 bad things.I donot work for HCR and have supported your track as well as HCR.I have not posted any negative post on your form.We were interested in running the turkey trott before tearing our car apart for next year.The rules that were posted on this site and whowon.com seemed to be flawed to me...they made no sense.I was asking why you didnt post them thinking possibly someone made a mistake.The more I looked into them and discussed them with others the more I was amazed.I truley thought a mistake was made.By the sound of you post you are serious about these rules .Instead of jumping all over me you could clarify my questions and if these are true we dont comply and would not be attending.I wish only the best for your turkey trot race but above all I wish for the bad blood between the south and the west to be resolved.


Double Trouble Racing

Jngram Tx

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