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Wild Child Motorsports AWESOME 2013 @ SAS


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Wild Child Motorsports had a season to remember @ SAS and could not have done it without the help of SO MANY !

I want to thank Brian Bohlen, Chris Sattoff and ALL the SAS people for the COUNTLESS hours, work & money you have put in to makeing this LAST season at SAS possible for ALL us Racers.


It was a Dream Night for Wild Child Motorsports I WON my first Championship in the Pro Truck & as a car owner I saw Jake Kruger set Fast qualifying time to close the point lead and then WINNING the PRO Mod Race to Ultimately take home the Pro Mod Championship. But as any racer knows it does not come with out A LOT of HELP by MANY that sacrifice SO MUCH so we can do this.


I AM Very Blessed to be associated w/ a GREAT Group of people on our Race Team Jake Kruger continues to show his talents as a driver and his knowledge to make a car better bars none. Bill Kruger Spotter, Tires and whatever else is needed ALWAYS THEIR. John Wasek & John Martin are ALL OVER IT !! at the race track weekend and week out. John Heil w/ BMF Shocks & Chassis for building & maintaining ALL our cars and taking us under his wing ...Thanks John !! Tom Hamilton, Danny Webb & ALL the Guys @ MISSION AUTO PARTS for the Horse power that WINS Races & Championships for Wild Child Motorsports....you Guys are AWESOME and always their for us !! My Beautiful wife & Daughters & guys @ Rack -N- Motion working hard everyday so we can play on the weekend doing what we LOVE to do !! Bayley Currey , Marc Currey , Bruce & Cody Beddoe for your help this year and so many more to many to list that help us at the track w/ your support. The TIMES I will NEVER FORGET !!!! :) Thanks to ALL who support short track racing !!! God Bless.




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