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Texas Top Fuel Driver Dies from injuries


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Darrell Russell from Texas-driver for Joe Amato Racing in Top Fuel died from injuries he suffered in a crash at the Craftman Tools Nationals in St. Louis this afternoon-our thoughts and prayers go out to the Russell family -

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Just watched the video from that crash... Not good... After viewing the Litton wreck from a different vantage point I just can not see how he survived. To me and this is only my opinion this wreck seemed alot more tame in comparison but at 300 MPH what is tame... The thing I dont get is that it didnt seem like he hit anything hard so I wonder what allowed Litton to survive but this driver not...

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This was posted on a drag race board I frequent. Good reminder to not forget the importance of your safety equipment.


My wife, and two kids sat on the couch and watched in horror as Darell slid down the track.


Being from Missouri, I have made many, many, passes down that track with my friends, family and children there watching, many times in that very lane and to see something like that happen at a track that we know so well, hit home.


My 6 year old son started to cry when they told us he had passed on, then my daughter was right behind him. they couldnt understand how that could happen at Gateway, the same track that daddy races at.


I did my best to explain to him and my daughter that sometimes wrecks do happen and as a result sometimes poeple do die.


I know the next time I strap in that i will be taking extra time to make sure that all my safety stuff is in order, and to be honist, I think maybe, each time I pull to the line at Gateway I will see that crash replay in my mind over and over again.


as for the crash itself, from the line where he broke up to where he stopped was a good 1000' and the 4 wheeler that got there first sits at the end of the track.

from what I understand he was injured when engine parts entered the ****pit area, and he was knocked out when Saftey Safari got there, he didnt feel the burns...


I imagine the last thing darell seen was the shut down area, and one of his last thoughts probily was, "that was a good pass"


John force said it best, "sometimes in this sport we get a wake-up call"


Be safe, God bless!

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