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To All ARTS Lonestar Region Teams

June 25, 2004


The ARTS Lonestar region has purchased the iCard system for use at our events. We can now have the same real time timing and scoring information the pros use in a very small, affordable and portable package. The iCard allows you to track official lap times, lap by lap, and the times of all of your competitors.


What is iCard®? (checkout www.icardus.com for more pics and info. But please support ARTS-LS by renting and purchasing your systems from us at the track. You will not get them cheaper by buying direct.)


The iCard® system is a handheld, wireless system that allows the user to view unofficial, real-time Timing and Scoring information on a Nintendo GameBoy.


Information is generated by our Timing and Scoring system and it is this Timing and Scoring system that delivers the data to iCard® for subsequent broadcast and display.

NOTE: Information originates with the Timing and Scoring system and is upstream and separate from the iCard® system.


The iCard® System works with the Nintendo® GameBoy® platforms:

Color Advance Advance SP


iCard®Pro ($199.95) features sealed electronics for the demanding needs of competitors and serious fans.


How do we get an iCard®?


For the July 3rd race at THR, we will have trial units with the iCard Pro and a GameBoy for teams to use free of charge. You can check them out and return them with your transponder. We will rent them at subsequent events for $20 per race. Alternatively, we have iCards in stock and available that you may purchase from ARTS-Lonestar at the normal price. The price from ARTS is the same price as buying direct from the manufacturer. Our initial cash outlay for the system was $5,000 which included the software, transmitter, and 20 cards. We will recover our costs through rentals and sales. Larry Latham and the 29 team underwrote the initial costs to make it possible.


How it works:

The iCard System, when connected to an automated Timing and Scoring (T&S) system, receives its information for view by team members and fans. The T&S system consists of a transponder that is attached to each car and which transmits a unique "signature" such that each time the transponder passes over a timing loop a signal is sent to the T&S computer indicating that the car has passed the timing loop.


The T&S computer then calculates the time, marries the transponder signal with a competitor name and car number, and records the result lap after lap. The T&S computer, as a normal part of its operating function, generates an output stream of messages and it is this data stream that the iCard computer program receives. Consequently, the iCard system simply passes information from the T&S system to your handheld iCard.


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What exactly does that statement mean Gunnar?


These aren't toys, they are tools to make the racing better for both the competitors and the fans.

Why not sit in your pits and gather timing & scoring data, instead of having to run a stopwatch on everyone?

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Thats pretty good because the times will be accurate, because we all know some people have a stopwatch that is two tenths quicker than everyone elses even though you have the same watch they do. Now Jon does it show all trucks or can it just show one truck at a time.

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it means that old farts like me need more toys, probably not going to be around much longer jon. not a shot, i have that decal on my back window on my truck.just a statement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we will have one trust me!!!!!

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