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White wins again at Heart O' Texas Speedway

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WACO, TX (April 22, 2011) – Keith White made a late race pass on Chase Jupe to win the IMCA Modified feature Friday night at the Heart O' Texas Speedway. Pat McGuire finished in third.

Randy Doyle led the way to the finish line in the IMCA SportMod feature with Johnny Sheets and Kevin Green in second and third.


Jeff Sexton picked up his first win of the season in the IMCA Hobby Stock feature. Ray Kemp Jr. and Allen Montgomery followed.


Tommy Kirkpatrick made a last lap pass to take the win in the street stock feature. Jason Gauntt and David Khoury rounded out the top three.


Tommy Honey flew past two leaders in the pure stock feature to cross the finish line first, but was disqualified in a post race inspection. Wade White claimed the first place prize with Billy Shaw in second and Kevin Smith in third.


Andrew Richard and Steve Wade battled in the cruiser feature before Richards landed the win. Kevin Harper placed third.


Jarrett Roberts, Alexis DePalma, and Kayleigh Kornegay were the top three in the junior mini stock feature.


Texas Twister top three were Joe Shaw, Johnny Japort, and John Fikes.


Jason Batt held off Keith White in a side by side duel for the IMCA Stock feature win. Matt Guillaume ran third.


Reagan Reed showed a little girl power with her win in the Brazos Mini Sprints A-Class feature ahead of Payton Williams and her older brother, Trevor.


James Hogan won the Restrictor/Sportman class race with Zane Lawrence in second and MacKenzie Ramey in third.


Heart O' Texas Speedway Race Results – April 22, 2011


IMCA Modifieds 4/22/2011


Feature: 1. Keith White (Academy, TX), 2. Chase Jupe (Waco, TX), 3. Pat McGuire (Belton, TX), 4. Greg Dinsmore (Kerrville, TX), 5. Ben Ketteman (Pflugerville, TX), 6. Justin Radcliff (China Spring, TX), 7. Allen Waltermire (Harker Heights, TX), 8. Billy Bachmayer Jr. (Belton, TX), 9. Ricky Kizer (Gatesville, TX), 10. Jonathon Brecheisen (Copperas Cove, TX), 11. Carl McConnell (Killeen, TX), 12. Steven Carter (Waco, TX), 13. Keith Green (Waco, TX), 14. Steven MacIsaac (Waco, TX), 15. Jimmy Don Sumerour (Lorena, TX)


Heat 1: 1. Justin Radcliff (China Spring, TX), 2. Keith White (Academy, TX), 3. Ben Ketteman (Pflugerville, TX), 4. Steven MacIsaac (Waco, TX), 5. Ricky Kizer (Gatesville, TX), 6. Steven Carter (Waco, TX), 7. Greg Dinsmore (Kerrville, TX), 8. Allen Waltermire (Harker Heights, TX)


Heat 2: 1. Keith Green (Waco, TX), 2. Chase Jupe (Waco, TX), 3. Pat McGuire (Belton, TX), 4. Jimmy Don Sumerour (Lorena, TX), 5. Billy Bachmayer Jr. (Belton, TX), 6. Jonathon Brecheisen (Copperas Cove, TX), 7. Carl McConnell (Killeen, TX)


IMCA SportMods 4/22/2011


Feature: 1. Randy Doyle (Killeen, TX), 2. Johnny Sheets (Gatesville, TX), 3. Kevin Green (Waco, TX), 4. T.J. Green (Waco, TX), 5. Sidney Kiphen (Gatesville, TX), 6. Cody Daniel (Bellmead, TX), 7. Bobby Mercer Jr. (China Spring, TX), 8. Ricky Rodriguez (Eddy, TX), 9. Cody Frank (Lorena, TX), 10. Brian Walker (Bruceville, TX), 11. Chris Cogburn (Waco, TX), 12. Ronnie Bell Jr. (Waco, TX), 13. Eddie Grmela (Elm Mott, TX), 14. Jake Dunn (Belton, TX), 15. Shelley Sakhnini (Copperas Cove, TX)


Heat 1: 1. Randy Doyle (Killeen, TX), 2. Cody Frank (Lorena, TX), 3. Chris Cogburn (Waco, TX), 4. Bobby Mercer Jr. (China Spring, TX), 5. Cody Daniel (Bellmead, TX), 6. Jake Dunn (Belton, TX), 7. Shelley Sakhnini (Copperas Cove, TX), 8. Sidney Kiphen (Gatesville, TX)


Heat 2: 1. Johnny Sheets (Gatesville, TX), 2. T.J. Green (Waco, TX), 3. Ronnie Bell Jr. (Waco, TX), 4. Eddie Grmela (Elm Mott, TX), 5. Kevin Green (Waco, TX), 6. Ricky Rodriguez (Eddy, TX), 7. Brian Walker (Bruceville, TX)


IMCA Hobby Stocks 4/22/2011


Feature: 1. Jeff Sexton (West, TX), 2. Ray Kemp Jr. (Waco, TX), 3. Allen Montgomery (Ft. Worth, TX), 4. Shannon Dulock (Axtell, TX), 5. Andy Roller (Bellmead, TX), 6. Zach Henson (Lorena, TX), 7. Jeremy Hendrix (Robinson, TX), 8. Jordan Kornegay (China Spring, TX), 9. Jeremy Oliver (Chilton, TX), 10. Chris Grusendorf (Moody, TX), 11. Richard Pickens (Lorena, TX), 12. Garett Rawls (China Spring, TX), 13. Michael Guenat (Robinson, TX)


Heat 1: 1. Allen Montgomery (Ft. Worth, TX), 2. Shannon Dulock (Axtell, TX), 3. Chris Grusendorf (Moody, TX), 4. Ray Kemp Jr. (Waco, TX), 5. Richard Pickens (Lorena, TX), 6. Jeremy Hendrix (Robinson, TX), 7. Jeremy Oliver (Chilton, TX)


Heat 2: 1. Zach Henson (Lorena, TX), 2. Andy Roller (Bellmead, TX), 3. Garett Rawls (China Spring, TX), 4. Jeff Sexton (West, TX), 5. Jordan Kornegay (China Spring, TX), 6. Michael Guenat (Robinson, TX)


Street Stocks 4/22/2011


Feature: 1. Tommy Kirkpatrick (Elm Mott, TX), 2. Jason Gauntt (Elm Mott, TX), 3. David Khoury (Waco, TX), 4. Matt Hood (Waco, TX), 5. Kirk Tidwell (Hillsboro, TX), 6. Brandon Geurin (Whitney, TX), 7. Bobby Mercer Jr. (China Spring, TX), 8. Bill Eller (Lorena, TX), 9. Gordon Coble (Lago Vista, TX), 10. Joe Beshears (Waco, TX), 11. Ed Thompson (Waco, TX)


Heat 1: 1. Matt Hood (Waco, TX), 2. Joe Beshears (Waco, TX), 3. Tommy Kirkpatrick (Elm Mott, TX), 4. Ed Thompson (Waco, TX), 5. Bill Eller (Lorena, TX), 6. Brandon Geurin (Whitney, TX)


Heat 2: 1. Jason Gauntt (Elm Mott, TX), 2. Kirk Tidwell (Hillsboro, TX), 3. David Khoury (Waco, TX), 4. Gordon Coble (Lago Vista, TX), 5. Bobby Mercer Jr. (China Spring, TX)


Pure Stocks 4/22/2011


Feature: 1. Wade White (Waco, TX), 2. Billy Shaw (Crawford, TX), 3. Kevin Smith (Elm Mott, TX), 4. Cody Shaw (Crawford, TX), 5. Dillon Payne (Hillsboro, TX), 6. Jamie Haynes (Penelope, TX), 7. Jeff Shepperd (Elm Mott, TX), 8. Amy Miller (Bellmead, TX), 9. Weston Glaser (Lorena, TX), 10. Ryan Hopkins, 11. Timmy Kemp (Waco, TX), 12. Chad Pelham (Whitney, TX), 13. Colt Glaser (Lorena, TX), 14. Thomas Schmidt (Robinson, TX), 15. Tommy Honey (Robinson, TX)


Heat 1: 1. Weston Glaser (Lorena, TX), 2. Wade White (Waco, TX), 3. Cody Shaw (Crawford, TX), 4. Jamie Haynes (Penelope, TX), 5. Dillon Payne (Hillsboro, TX), 6. Kevin Smith (Elm Mott, TX), 7. Amy Miller (Bellmead, TX), 8. Chad Pelham (Whitney, TX)


Heat 2: 1. Timmy Kemp (Waco, TX), 2. Billy Shaw (Crawford, TX), 3. Tommy Honey (Robinson, TX), 4. Colt Glaser (Lorena, TX), 5. Ryan Hopkins, 6. Thomas Schmidt (Robinson, TX), 7. Jeff Shepperd (Elm Mott, TX)


Cruisers 4/22/2011


Feature: 1. Andrew Richards (Robinson, TX), 2. Steve Wade (Waco, TX), 3. Kevin Harper (McGregor, TX), 4. Marshall Sauseda (Waco, TX), 5. Jeff Woodruff (Elm Mott, TX), 6. William Dean (Hubbard, TX), 7. Barry Gaston (Waco, TX), 8. Russell Bullock (Waco, TX), 9. Amy Nichols (Robinson, TX), 10. Mike Van Cleave (Waco, TX), 11. Martin Quiram (Hubbard, TX), 12. Jr. Jean (Blum, TX), 13. Billy Williams (Bellmead, TX), 14. Anthony Simcik (Waco, TX), 15. Hollie Gaston (Waco, TX)


Jr. Mini Stocks 4/22/2011


Feature: 1. Jarrett Roberts (Temple, TX), 2. Alexis DePalma (Woodway, TX), 3. Kayleigh Kornegay (China Spring, TX), 4. Cory Kreder (Elm Mott, TX)


Twisters 4/22/2011


Feature: 1. Joe Shaw (McGregor, TX), 2. Johnny Japort (China Spring, TX), 3. John Fikes (Waco, TX), 4. Dena Wachsmann (West, TX), 5. Amanda Harper (McGregor, TX), 6. Timothy Weir (Rodgers, TX), 7. Robert Roysdon (Harker Heights, TX), 8. Dennis Heard (Killeen, TX), 9. Joe Parrish (Killeen, TX)


Brazos Mini Sprints

A Class Feature: 1. Reagan Reed (Waco, TX), 2. Brandon Berryman (Missouri City, TX), 3. Trevor Reed (Waco, TX), 4. Kyle Anderson (Tomball, TX), 5. Kevin Ramey (Fort Worth, TX), 6. Taylor Smitherman (Kennedale, TX), 7. John Roan (Lillian, TX), 8. Chris McNitt (Fort Worth, TX), 9. Payton Williams (North Richland Hills, TX), 10. Chipper Wood (Kennedale, TX), 11. Troy Wren (Bryan, TX), 12. Dustin Davidson (West, TX), 13. Chance McCrary (Farmersville, TX), DQ Aaron Reutzel (Clute, TX).


Restrictor/Sportman Feature: 1. James Hogan (Spicewood, TX), 2. Zane Lawrence (Lillian, TX), 3. MacKenzie Ramey (Fort Worth, TX), 4. Rodney Coburn (Pflugerville, TX), 5. Edward Lenz (Milano, TX), 6. Aaron Droomgle (North Richland Hills, TX), 7. Donny Bell, Jr, (Spring Branch, TX), 8, Blake McDermott (Houston, TX).


IMCA Stock Cars 4/22/2011


Feature: 1. Jason Batt (Harker Heights, TX), 2. Keith White (Academy, TX), 3. Matt Guillaume (Tomball, TX), 4. Ed Thompson (Waco, TX), 5. Tony McPherson Sr. (Salado, TX), 6. Robin Batt (Harker Heights, TX),


Heat: 1. Keith White (Academy, TX), 2. Jason Batt (Harker Heights, TX), 3. Ed Thompson (Waco, TX), 4. Tony McPherson Sr. (Salado, TX), 5. Robin Batt (Harker Heights, TX), 6. Matt Guillaume (Tomball, TX)

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